WASHINGTON – Everyone starts thinking about health when the new year rolls around.

It’s the time of resolutions – and the first one most people think about is getting in shape.

But there’s much more to health than diet and exercise, as you can learn in the WND Superstore.

For instance, did you know that the third highest cause of death in America is death by physician?

  • “Medical Murder: Architects of Madness” (DVD): That’s the story as told in this breathtaking video documentary by Bill Schnoebelen. “If you are depressed, your God isn’t big enough!” With these shocking words, Schnoebelen reveals how the global elite has usurped the role of the Christian Church in the healing of human souls and minds. The third-highest cause of death in America is “iatrogenic” – induced in a patient by a physician! But that is not all the horror! A new study proves that aggressive radiation cancer treatments create a far more dangerous cancer cell than the one from which the patient is suffering: “The new study is yet another blow to the failed and favored mainstream treatment paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out cancer symptoms (tumors) instead of actually curing cancer.” But, there is more concern: the government is killing you as it subsidizes the top killers of our population. “Health care” today is not “health care.” It is “disease care.” No effective treatment plan can begin until a disease is correctly diagnosed. Few people realize that our modern medical establishment is rooted at its base with an occult spiritual goal; the pharmaceutical industry says it is trying to “heal your soul.” The pharmaceutical industry has created a monopoly with the help of the occultic global elite and has attempted to replace the Church in the healing of souls. The word “psychiatry” in original Greek means the “healing of souls.” There has been a war for thousands of years between the elite approach to medicine and the natural approach to medicine. The newest battleground is the area of the mind and the soul, i.e., psychiatry. The elite approach to healing mind and soul is through drugs, lobotomy and electroshock therapy. In the guise of healing a person, “Big Pharma” is actually producing death-dealing drugs! Americans today are completely hooked on the many drugs being pushed by the medical industry. Today, there is no appreciable difference between the number of Christians who are depressed or mentally ill and those unsaved in the world. Christians are being encouraged to return to psychiatry rather than to God’s biblical methods. This DVD exposes how the official establishment has attempted to take control over the healing industry, enslaving and murdering millions with psychiatric methods. This DVD offers alternative treatments to the healing of the mind and of the soul according to biblical standards. The Church’s approach is through prayer and dependence upon God. You will see how the medical establishment is engaged in mass medical murder!

  • On a less frightening front, there’s “365 Days of Total Heart Health” by Dr. H. Edwin Young, Jo Beth Young, Dr. Michael Duncan and Dr. Richard Leachman: Disease of the spiritual and the physical heart is the No. 1 killer of Americans. Isn’t it time for you to get in shape both physically and spiritually? The 365 simple workouts in this book can help. Ed Young, bestselling author and pastor of one of the largest churches in America, is convinced that there is a link between our physical and spiritual health. He offers individuals help and hope for revolutionizing both in this unique devotional book. In each of the 365 inspirational readings, Dr. Young serves up a daily spiritual reflection accompanied by Scripture, a spiritual heart health tip and a physical heart health tip. “365 Days of Total Heart Health” also includes vital medical insight contributed by two of the country’s leading physicians in the field of cardiology: Dr. J. Michael Duncan and Dr. D. Richard Leachman. Men and women readers alike will appreciate this daily reminder to tend to both the physical and spiritual aspects of their lives. Brimming with practical support for better whole-self living, daily prayer points and health tips, this is a great book to give and an important book to keep!

  • “The Maker’s Diet: The 40-day health experience that will change your life forever” by Jordan S Rubin: Discover how Jordan Rubin’s faith-based journey from near death to vital health led him to uncover the timeless principles of the world’s healthiest people. “The Maker’s Diet” is a holistic approach to health that is both biblically based and scientifically proven. By following this diet you can boost your immune system, maintain your ideal weight, improve digestion and reduce the stress in your life. Miracle cure stories abound when it comes to natural healing. A super nutrient reverses cancer after chemotherapy has failed. A Chinese herb lowers high blood pressure in a patient with heart disease after being dismissed as quackery by doctors. Jordan S. Rubin’s account of returning from the medical abyss, however, includes an original twist. After several years of battling Crohn’s Disease, which included a small fortune spent on both conventional and alternative treatments, as well as trips abroad in search of help, Rubin weighed only 111 pound and, at just age 21, thought his life was over. At the urging of his father, a naturopath, he contacted an obscure nutritionist in California promoting a diet based on the teachings of the Bible. Yes, we’re talking what Jesus ate: kefir, lamb, sprouted breads, eggs and meat from free-range chickens and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Rubin also started to pray and added a new powder supplement containing homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs) to his diet. Four months later he weighed 170 lbs and was on the road back to his former athletic and healthy self. Inspired by his experience, and now with advanced degrees in nutrition and naturopathic medicine, Rubin has crafted “The Maker’s Diet.” While the faithful will surely find the book of interest, Rubin’s command of the scientific issues underpinning his recommendations may also appeal to those more accustomed to studying food labels in search of what to eat than ancient religious texts.

  • “Family Medical Emergencies” (DVD): Every family needs this vital information: What to do until help arrives – or if it doesn’t come! Includes a free 24-page Pocket Medical Guide. This “Family Medical Emergencies” program, prepared in cooperation with the American College of Emergency Physicians, was produced to provide viewers with a basic knowledge of what to do immediately following a medical emergency event before trained medical assistance arrives on the scene. Medical emergencies addressed include: bleeding injuries, broken bones, burns, choking, drowning, poisoning, need for resuscitation, roadside first aid at the site of a car accident, allergic reactions, insect bites and stings, as well as shock. Medical doctors explain the diagnoses and demonstrate the treatment of each of these emergencies.

  • “Smart Medicine” by Peter Weaver:America is the only country in the world that does not regulate medication prices. The result is that prescription drug prices are rising at an astronomical rate. Pharmaceutical companies make an enormous amount of money by continuously coming out with the “latest” medication for common ailments. “Smart Medicine” is a practical book that helps readers take control of the cost and safety of the prescription medicines they take. The first chapter is a no-holds-barred examination of how we got to where we are with unregulated drug prices. Subsequent chapters explain specific strategies for saving significant money such as: The benefits of buying generic drugs – and when to avoid them; How to buy drugs safely online and ways to save money; The benefits and dangers of herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals; The benefits of building a relationship with your pharmacist; How to beat the system and save money! The appendix, “Setting up your personal medical information center,” contains resource names, websites, toll-free numbers and publications to help readers take charge of their medications. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone taking medications.

  • “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You” By Ray D. Strand, M.D.: The impact of nutritional medicine has had a dramatic and controversial – but documented – impact on the lives of Dr. Strand’s patients and can now change readers’ lives too. When Dr. Strand’s wife, Liz, began to experience constant total body pain, overwhelming fatigue, and sinus and lung infections incurable by the typical medicines, she finally resorted to a course of nutritional supplements recommended by her neighbor. Amazingly, within a few months Liz was feeling herself again, her energy renewed fully. Dr. Strand, mystified by the dramatic change, set out to research “vitamin supplementation.” His unquenchable search for the source of his wife’s healing propelled him on a seven-year quest. His discoveries about nutritional medicine revolutionized his practice as a doctor, and now in this breakthrough book he shares his findings. According to Strand, our generation is under greater attack from pollutants in air, food and water and is subject to a high-stress lifestyle – all factors which can only be fought by the body’s natural defense system. Prescription drugs cannot stop the degenerative aging process. This book is divided into two sections. In Part I: Before You Begin, Strand discusses “My Conversion,” “Living Too Short, Dying Too Long” and “The War Within.” Part II is called Winning the War Within. Chapters include: Our Repair System: The MASH Unit; Heart Disease: An Inflammatory Disease; Homocysteine: The New Kid on the Block; Chemoprevention and Cancer; Oxidative Stress and Your Eyes; Lung Disease, Arthritis and Osteoporosis; Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Dr. Strand’s illumination of the body’s silent enemy – oxidative stress – will astound you. But, more importantly, his research will equip you to protect or reclaim your nutritional health, possibly reversing disease and preventing illness.

  • “Brainfit” by Corinne Gediman: Are you ready to reclaim your brain? Americans spend millions of dollars and countless hours every year striving to stay in good physical shape. What good is a fit body, though, without a fit mind? It’s time to make brain fitness the next battleground on the anti-aging front. “Brainfit” is a training program designed to reclaim your brain. In 10 to 15 minutes a day individuals who are beginning to feel the effects of memory loss will see immediate reversal of the mental aging process. The nine distinct, fast and fun weekly workouts focus on a different aspect of brain fitness. This approach fits the lifestyle of the target market: age- and intellect-appropriate, fast, entertaining and results-oriented. Features include: Weekly Exercise Planners for your daily routine; Exercises more like games or brain teasers to achieve maximum results; Tips, suggestions and creative alternatives to your daily routine; Anti-aging risks assessment and life planner; The ability for the brain to increase memory and learning capacity.

  • “The Ultimate Prescription: What the Medical Profession isn’t Telling You” by James Marcum and Charles Mills: Would you like to discover the powerful ways God is part of the healing process? Do you think the media, the government or your doctor is telling you the whole truth when it comes to health care? Are you tired of taking medications that really don’t fix the problem? In “The Ultimate Prescription,” Dr. James Marcum, a board-certified cardiologist, in-demand speaker and radio host, discusses these questions and many more from a biblical point of view. He encourages you to find the real answers about your health – and the health of your loved ones. Dr. Marcum explains what he believes is wrong with our current health care system, how to get back on track and how the spiritual dimension of our health is often being ignored. Discover today the true path to healthy living in “The Ultimate Prescription.”

  • “The Daniel Fast: Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body” by Susan Gregory: “Sometimes you are so hungry that the only way you can be fed is to fast,” says Gregory. Are you hungry for more of God in your life? Discover why millions of men and women throughout the world are rediscovering the ancient discipline of fasting – and, as a result, are encountering God in amazing ways. In this authoritative guide, now expanded with new recipes, Susan Gregory, “The Daniel Fast Blogger” and an acknowledged expert on the popular partial fast inspired by the biblical book of Daniel, guides readers toward a successful fasting experience. Join Susan as she shares the secrets to: Fasting in a safe and healthy way; Creating delicious healthy meals using Daniel Fast foods; Following the 21-day plan to physical and spiritual health (adaptable for a fast of any length); Participating in a group fast with your church, family or friends; Learning how to hear from God and discover His purpose for your life; Susan also offers devotionals for each day of a 21-day fast, and an FAQ section for those seeking quick answers. As she walks you through each step of the Daniel Fast, you’ll discover an infinitely richer and more abundant life. Susan Gregory, “The Daniel Fast Blogger,” launched The Daniel Fast blog and website in December 2007. Since then, her site has received millions of hits. Susan is passionate to see individuals experience a successful Daniel Fast as they seek God and endeavor to grow in the love and knowledge of Christ. Author of “Out of the Rat Race,” Susan has written for nationally known ministries and her work has taken her to more than 35 countries. A mother and grandmother, she lives on a small farm in Washington state.

  • “Defending Your Health Naturally” by Louis Vanrenen: “Defending Your Health Naturally” focuses strongly on the Eastern idea that foods and herbs can and should be used for healing and treatment, an idea that is becoming more and more popular in American culture. Vanrenen presents five lines of defense to help us live healthy lives: Boost the immune system; Detoxify; Increase energy; Eliminate pain; Reduce stress. “Defending Your Health Naturally” explains what foods have qualities that will promote health and also includes sample menus for each line of defense. The author discusses ways to treat specific illnesses and diseases. Louis Vanrenen is the founder of American Acupuncture in Pembroke, Mass. He has been an acupuncturist for 25 years and specializes in nutrition and herbal medicine. Lou was born in Africa and grew up in Boulder, Colo. He studied science and English at the University of Colorado at Boulder and went on to develop his holistic training at the New England School of Acupuncture. He has two children, Gabe and Ariana. His other books include “Power Herbs” and “Bioenergetic Medicines East and West: Acupuncture and Homeopathy.”

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