Re: “The judicial Grinch who stole due process”:

Mr. Klayman: I truly appreciate what you are doing in regard to Obama’s eligibility. In light of the fact that this man is single-handedly destroying this nation, what my question is, why is Congress doing nothing about Sheriff Joe’s Investigation? I don’t understand! It is Congress’ duty, and our lawmakers took an oath to protect this country – yet not a peep.

Sen. Tom Coburn promised a man this summer that he would look into it, but so far, nothing. Is there any way we can put pressure on Republicans to investigate the investigation?

It is my belief that they have fallen prey to the very successful Saul Alinsky technique of mocking their opposition, and the Republicans are too cowardly to confront that. They have the platform and responsibility to do this. I wish I could shake them all until their teeth rattled. Can anyone gather a cause to put this pressure on them to verify this to be true or not?!

It is their duty!

Monica Mimier

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