So just to be clear, I believe what that guy did to all those families was horrible, and he deserved a lot worse for what he did – but all this talk about getting rid of guns is dumb. It wasn’t the gun that shot itself at those kids; it was him pulling the trigger.

I could sit here and argue about this with anyone all day, but it would do us no good. I am 19 years old, and yet even I can tell you that if you take peoples guns, you’re going to get more than just dead kids, but dead police – and it will just turn this country at war with itself.

No one – and I mean no one – on this Earth has the right to take away my gun rights, especially when I wasn’t the moron that went and did the shootings. If people really want to do something about this they need to learn to stop being dumb and just live in peace – ’cause in the end the gun isn’t the problem; its the person.

Leif Hertz

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