If the Obama administration is going after guns, it should also ban marriage as well as old men “making love” to young women, jested stand up comic Jackie Mason in a radio interview.

“Another thing you should ban is ban marriage,” said Mason, commenting on WABC Radio’s “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” Sunday night regarding proposed gun legislation

“More people are killed because of love affairs. Because if somebody cheated in a marriage, then they are more likely to be killed than anybody in any other circumstance. You should even ban conversations.”

Continued the comic: “You should certainly stop young women from making love to old men. Every time an 18-year-old girl makes love to a 60-year-old man, how long do you think he’s got to live?”

Mason pointed to statistics that he said show more people are killed by knives than guns.

“Why don’t you take knives away from people? Every time someone is about to make a sandwich you should put him in jail.”

Click here to listen to Mason’s full radio segment.

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