On Jan. 20, Barack Hussein Obama will be inaugurated for a second term. A rough estimate is that half the country will celebrate Obama’s highly questionable victory while the other half will mourn the demise of liberty and American exceptionalism.

Given that approximately 50 percent or more of the country reject Obama, his treacherous methods and his radical dictatorial socialist agenda, may I suggest that alternate festivities be held on Jan. 20 in public and private venues? The song list might include “Lies, lies” by the Knickerbockers (1965), “Monster” by Steppenwolf (1969) and Chopin’s iconic funeral march, to name a few appropriate tunes.

With Obama headed for a second term and the mainstream media foolishly slobbering over a despot, can there be any doubt that we live in an “age of universal deceit,” as George Orwell put it? Consider: The world’s greatest liar of modern times presides over a government (elected and unelected) which, for the most part, has been lying bald-facedly to Americans since 9/11.

Maury Stein

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