(CNN) Bob Skuba is a whirl of energy. Outspoken, loud and opinionated, he’s the embodiment of East Coast bravado.

He’s got a new distinction now: He was Adam Lanza’s barber.

… I used to cut the killer’s hair …

It’s hard to process. Skuba was clipping hair on Friday at Robert Anthony’s Hair Salon, the shop he, his mom and sister have run for the last 13 years.

First one police car drove by. Then two. Then five. Then 10, followed by 10 undercover police cars.

Then, word came of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School — and who had carried it out.

That kid used to sit right here, in this barber chair.

You’re sitting in the chair where he used to sit and get a haircut, he tells a visitor on Tuesday.

Skuba puts his hand on the black barber chair.

That sick, son of a …

The barber shakes his head.

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