New Year’s is a time for reflection and resolve – despite the country fumbling the ball in overtime this past November, 2012 has surely been a year to remember.

After the champagne is imbibed upon and the clock strikes midnight, 2013 will be upon us.

Here are a few of my predictions for the new year:

My first prediction is that Speaker John Boehner gets ousted from his position. The guy has had a tough year, but he has not helped his own cause. Crying isn’t allowed in baseball, and I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed on national television either.

Romney’s loss left the GOP base feeling confused and neglected. Instead of providing a united front and acting like a leader should after such a loss, Boehner has done the exact opposite. He has purged tea-party favorites from influential House committees related to the budget in order to curry favor with the enemy and push through compromising legislation.

Rumors abound that plots are already in place to oust Boehner as speaker. I have a feeling where there’s smoke there’s fire. In this case, sometimes a cleansing fire is necessary to restore equilibrium. Fresh new leadership would benefit the GOP base and provide them with some resolve to fight the far left’s agenda in the here and now, while gearing up for 2016 and beyond.

My second prediction is that any and all gun-grabbing legislation will be a massive fail.

Commissar Feinstein and her friends in Congress obviously are using the terrible tragedy in Newtown, Conn., as an opportunity to scapegoat responsible gun owners and destroy even more of our freedoms.

I say this now: Their plan will fail. Americans are speaking with their feet on this issue.

As I have previously noted, gun sales were through the roof this past Black Friday. After the horrific events in Newtown, they skyrocketed to stratospheric heights. What began as a trickle of Americans buying guns with the election of Obama in 2008 has become a torrent of Americans buying guns today.

Americans understand that guns are one of the few freedoms they have left. In a diverse society where social capital continues to deteriorate, guns are an important tool for ensuring safety.

Aside from that, the Supreme Court of late has been relatively solid on the Second Amendment and likely will not want another controversial ruling that will spark massive protests so soon after the Obamacare decision.

Another factor is that many Democrats are pro-gun and represent districts where support for the Second Amendment is implied for re-election. These representatives won’t want to fall on their sword to appease the radical agenda of their party’s leadership.

If anything, gun grabbing could help reignite the truly conservative base of Middle America and give them something to fight for. The gun-grabbing commissars may have bitten off more than they can chew.

My final political prediction is that immigration reform will get pushed back to the margins again.

For a while it seemed as if amnesty was going to be the flavor of 2013. But with the American economy about to go over the fiscal cliff, the massive push for gun-control legislation and Obama reaching term 2 with troops scattered across the globe, it’s to take a back door.

My instinct tells me the president is hoping for bipartisan support on this issue – but with a torn GOP leadership, Republicans will be averse to discussing a controversial issue that fiercely divides the party.

Illegal immigration is a major problem, and the grass roots know the Dream Act and amnesty would rip apart this country. Just look to California for the future, if amnesty is passed.

If the left does decide to push forward with this, then expect one of the most politically charged seasons in modern history.

Here’s a final prediction just for fun: The option quarterbacks in the NFL will have a difficult sophomore season. RGIII, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, etc. will struggle their sophomore seasons in the rough and tumble NFL where defenses shift as fast as the flashiest new offensive flavor of the month.

Professional sports are about constant evolution. These quarterbacks, along with Cam Newton, are following in the footsteps of Randall Cunningham, Steve Young and the infamous Michael Vick and pushing the quarterback position in a more versatile direction.

Despite this, growth is always slow, and defenses are going to be prepping for these three for the entire off season.

Have fun, folks. Down some champagne, and I’ll see everyone next year.

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