To Nigel Bailey [“Bring Brits’ health system across the pond”]:

If you are so enamored of the British system, you may at any time go back across the pond and stay there, but don’t try to import more of your socialism here! Oh, and by the way – the British medical system is NOT FREE! Whoever is working and earning a living or has investments is paying, and they are paying big-time for your “free” medical care. Also, when I was in Britain several years ago, a pregnant friend of mine started having terrible pains in her abdomen and rang for medical help. It took nearly an hour for an ambulance to get there, and another hour to get her into the ambulance and on the way. By the time they got her to the hospital, she had lost her baby and nearly lost her life, so just because it worked out for your old codger does not necessarily mean it works out for everyone. Ninety-eight percent of the payment comes from the general tax – that is not FREE.

In 2012 the National Health System’s budget was 102 billion pounds – where do you think that comes from, fairies? Perhaps the pots of leprechaun gold? It comes from whoever is working. The average cost per average worker, not the high dollar (pound/euro) earner but the average 9-5 worker, in Britain is 3,129 equivalent American dollars per year, or nearly 10,000 British pounds per year. Perhaps you are OK with paying for everyone else’s care, but I am not, so just go back to where you get your “free” medicine and hospital care and don’t worry about who pays for it and how much the government gets from your work.

Please take your socialism back to Britain or go to Canada, and leave us alone.

Judianna Turner

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