There will be blood. There will be repercussions!

~ State Rep. Douglas Geiss, Michigan Democrat

On Wednesday Gov. Rick Snyder calmly signed the right-to-work bill making Michigan the 24th state (plus Guam) to give all employees the freedom to join a union or not to join a union. This isn’t an anti-union law, but a pro-liberty law. The serene atmosphere of the bill’s signing was in stark contrast with the thousands of union thugs going buck wild outside the Capitol building in Lansing, tearing down Fox News tents, assaulting a Fox News reporter, over 10,000 union members ranting and raving in the Capitol vestibule because Michigan voters finally woke up after 100-plus years of Marxist/socialist unionism to say, “Enough!” Unions have no constitutional right to confiscate union dues from workers (property) and spend it on leftist political candidates and godless issues (speech) most Americans would find unjust and unconstitutional.

No more union fascism in Michigan.

Terrence Jeffrey’s article in Human Events, “Obama’s America Will Become Detroit,” said, “If America continues down the road to Obama’s America – a road that began when President Franklin Roosevelt started building a welfare state here – our entire nation will become Detroit.” I traced the constitutional history and fascist skullduggery of FDR who set America on this tyrannous road of the welfare state from which unionism became inseparably enshrined in American society and policy. Here’s a quote from two previous law essays chronicling FDR’s New Deal treason to 1937, “Did Justice Owen Roberts betray the Constitution?”

In an earlier column, “Stop accepting progressive premises,” I chronicled how 1937 was the critical year that the U.S. Constitution and legitimate constitutional jurisprudence rooted in natural law and stare decisis officially ended. …

Flushed with his second-term victory, FDR resolved to control the Court through increasing the bureaucracy, so in 1937 Roosevelt crafted legislation innocuously referred to as the “Judiciary Reorganization Bill.” FDR had the hubris to threaten the Court with six additional members if they didn’t rule his New Deal legislation constitutional. The Court caved in to FDR’s fascist tactics, thus in effect killing the Constitution and delegitimizing the Court.

How did Detroit devolve in less than 100 years from “The Paris of America” and the “City of Trees” in the early 1900s to “The arsenal of Democracy” during World War II, to its present epitaphs: “The murder capital of America” and “The Beirut of America.” Fox News commentator, Charles Krauthammer put Detroit in its proper historical perspective, saying:

This [Michigan’s right-to-work law] is an adjustment to reality. The fact is that, you know, in the glory days the ’40s, the ’50s, the ’60s, the UAW was able to give its workers the highest wages and benefits in the world. That was because of an anomaly that we were the only industrial country that came out of Second World War intact. Europe was on its knees, Germany and Japan were rubble. So, we thought that was the natural order of things. It wasn’t.

And when the other industrial countries recovered, we got world competition as we have. We ran into bankruptcies, Chrysler now twice. We see that in the Southern states where the transplants are without the unions. They weren’t the ones who went bankrupt last in 2008 and 2009. So it really is a choice. It’s a tough choice. …

The fact is that in the right-to-work states, unemployment is 6.9 percent. And in the other states, the non-right-to-work states, it’s 8.7 percent. So you can choose to have fewer workers who enjoy higher, inflated, unnatural, if you like, wages, and uncompetitive wages. Or you can have competitive wages and more people employed, more people with the dignity of a job and less unemployment, more taxation and more activity. I think it’s it the right choice, but I understand how it’s a wrenching choice.

Like Marxism, the union movement has the few control the many. Like socialism and communism, the union movement wants to control more and more, but the control is always from the top down. Like Leninism and Stalinism, all of the party apparatchiks had their dachas (mansions) in the countryside outside of Moscow and enjoyed all the luxuries of life while the masses lived in fear, squalor and starvation. Likewise, the union movement bosses at the top enjoy six and seven figure salaries and multi-million-dollar pension plans while the rank-and-file union members (whom Marx called “the proletariat” and Lenin called, “useful idiots”) are always poor, always miserable, always angry and always living below their God-ordained destiny.

No more union fascism in Michigan.

America, I was born, raised and educated in Union Mecca, Detroit, Mich. Virtually all of my family, friends and associates are union members and hardcore Democrats, yet I do believe in the constitutionality of private-sector unionism based on the First Amendment freedom of association and freedom of speech. Like FDR, I don’t believe in public- or government-sector unionism because federal, state and local governments are monopolies and use their almost unlimited police powers to coerce compliance, endanger public safety (police, fire, emergency workers), but more sinisterly, to fill the ranks of the Democratic Socialist Party into perpetuity.

I also believe that over the past 150 years or more, unions have been useful tools of Marxist, socialist and communist infiltration and have propelled America into what I call “the Progressive Revolution.” Unionism is about communist hegemony, Saul Alinsky thug tactics, fear and Groupthink, not free-market capitalism, liberty, individualism and Natural Law. Unionism in Detroit, in America and throughout the world has been about the singular, zealous pursuit of one totalizing goal: “To remain at all times a vigilant and firm defender of the Leninist line of the Party, the only line that insures the triumph of Soviet Power in the United States.” These traitorous words came from the 1935 American Communist Party’s Oath of Allegiance.

Thank God the Republican majority in the State Senate and House along with Republican Gov. Snyder, had the guts to follow the Constitution and turn back the treason of union fascism, Marxist/socialism and communist tactics and set Michigan on the road to constitutionalism, economic prosperity, innovation and free-market capitalism.

No more union fascism in Michigan.

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