Rush Limbaugh

Mark Steyn guest hosted for Rush over the Christmas holiday, and warned listeners who might be supportive of the National Rifle Association’s suggestion that public schools hire armed guards.

If listeners despise the TSA’s airport security methods, Steyn said, they’ll hate a similar situation at their children’s schools even more.

“A federal ‘Schoolhouse Security Force’ will be a big, bureaucratized nightmare,” warned Steyn, “that will ultimately do nothing for the safety situation in schools” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage called for the formation of a new third party, based on his slogan, “Borders. Language. Culture.”

He added that the tea party had come close to being that entity, but it was attacked by powerful unions and the Democrat Party.

“If I had the time left on earth, I would start this nationalist party,” Savage declared. “It would take approximately 10 years to have an effect on the country. I don’t know if America has that much time” (FREE audio).

Savage also served up a fascinating history lesson, explaining the invention of the .45-caliber Colt 1911 pistol.

While fighting in the Philippines in the early twentieth century, Theodore Roosevelt and the U.S. Army faced a seemingly unbeatable foe: Islamic warriors called the Moros.

Besides being fanatical and suicidal, the Moros took drugs before going into battle that left them impervious to pain. The powerful .45-caliber handgun was developed specifically to take down these seemingly insurmountable terrorists (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Congressman David Schweikert joined Sean to talk about what’s going in the House of Representatives and why he is losing a prestigious committee assignment.

“On occasion there’s a price to be paid, but I voted my principles,” answered Schweikert. “Look, Washington, D.C., is a rough place, but hey, there’s no crying in baseball. There are a number of folks who have stood up to the spending bills, and those are the members who’ve gotten spanked here.

“I’d be happy to be tossed aside,” he added, “if I could convince the American people that we care about Medicaid, debt spending and all, but their growth is unsustainable.”

Hannity opined that those politicians in Washington being punished for standing on principle are what he called “tea-party members” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Klein thinks he has the answer to why Adam Lanza carried out his deadly schoolhouse rampage, and it has nothing to do with guns, medication or mental illness. To get to the truth, Klein interviewed a “priest” in a satanic “church.”

He also warned that Iran may be planning a terrorist attack on U.S. interests sometime in early 2013 and raised vital concerns about the Benghazi report, including whether or not it raised more questions than it answered (FREE audio).

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