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NRA wrong about armed guards in schools

NRA leader Wayne LaPierre says that the key to prevention of future school massacres like the one in Newtown, Conn., is for the government to post armed guards in every school in America.

Let me disagree with my good friend and fellow Second Amendment supporter.

In fact, I believe that is exactly the wrong prescription.

America doesn’t need more police.

America doesn’t need a “civilian national security force,” as Barack Obama has suggested.

And America certainly doesn’t need more firearms in the hands of the government – local, state or federal.

What America needs to avert future Sandy Hook Elementary School disasters is the following:

We don’t want America to become a police state.

And, frankly, I’m a little surprised and disappointed that the NRA is suggesting something that sounds like a move in that direction.

Yes, we’ve got to get away from this idiotic notion of making schools or any other areas of our society “gun-free zones.” That is nothing but an invitation to one maniac or evildoer to turn it into the killing fields.

There should not be a single school, church, store or business in America that is labeled a “gun-free zone.”

Sandy Hook was one of those places.

And look at the result.

How many times do we have to see it to get the message?

Police are necessary because we live in a fallen world. There are bad guys out there who want to hurt innocent people. But police cannot be everywhere – not would we remain a free society if they were.

That’s why the founders, in their wisdom, encouraged, not allowed, an armed citizenry.

That’s why I call the Second Amendment the constitutional provision that safeguards all the other constitutional rights as well as the Constitution’s strict limitations on government power.

Everyone reading this commentary knows what’s coming in the days and weeks ahead: Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate are going to make a strong bid to disarm law-abiding Americans in the name of safety and security.

And that’s what Wayne LaPierre is concerned about – as I am.

But Obama just might come back and grant LaPierre his wish, if he’s not careful.

Obama loves guns – in the hands of the government over which he presides.

The government already has too many guns, and the citizens government is supposed to serve have too few.

What we need here is more common-sense self-government, not more top-down solutions from Washington – where, by the way, crime runs rampant because the district still prohibits private firearms in spite of a Supreme Court ruling against its authoritarian government monopoly on force.

Massacres like Sandy Hook – and lesser-known violent crimes taking place every day in America – can be minimized in two ways:

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