In the past year Hillary Clinton has been photographed swilling booze and waddling around on dance floors the world over. And though she presented an unflattering exhibition of cankles and perspiration, she managed to stay upright. She suffered no symptoms from dehydration, and she was able to keep her diplomatic appointments the following day.

But with her appearances before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee this week hanging over her head like the sword of Damocles – she first developed a tummy ache and then, to further bury herself in the part, we’re told she became dehydrated, fainted and suffered a concussion.

And while we’re told she’s resting at home, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear she was observed driving around New York in a red 1961 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder a la a certain Mr. Ferris Bueller.

I make no apologies for being suspicious of Clinton and justifiably so. After all, it is well-known that she, more than anyone else, was the brains behind keeping her husband’s posterior out of the fire.

Alcohol causes dehydration. Along with drinking add consuming food that her system is not typically accustomed to, little sleep, long work days followed by parties well into the night, then up early and jetting off to the next banquet followed by more nights of revelry – and there’s no mention of tummy aches or fainting spells. But with her Dec. 20 appearance looming just a couple days away, she suddenly and conveniently gets sick, faints, falls down, hits her head and winds up with a concussion. Who’s going to dispute the word of her doctors?

Her performance trumps that of Ferris Bueller – she has doctors verifying her illness. Ferris only had a slick message on his answering machine, and the rumors his friends and classmates were spreading around the school.

Add to Hillary’s performance another bit of theater, and the point I’m making becomes clear. U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from contention as Hillary’s replacement as secretary of state – the position one segment of the media blathered was to be her reward for knowingly lying pursuant to the Americans murdered in Benghazi, while others in the media were busy accusing all those who criticized her as racist misogynists.

The problem with the media discussions about Rice becoming secretary of state is that, first, she hadn’t been nominated, and, second, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in the desert that she would be nominated. It was Kabuki Theater by Obama.

Hillary has no intention of testifying before committees, and Obama will never risk placing Rice under the microscope of the nomination process. Not to mention that Rice has been the scourge of even the liberal human-rights groups for, among other things, refusing to condemn genocidal potentates and African warlords.

We are watching Obama Misdirection 101. It’s Brer Rabbit’s “Don’t throw me in the briar patch.” And the Republican lack of leadership has played right along with them in exchange for extended television appearances that the politically uninitiated will equate with standing up for the people.

In reality, both Obama and the so-called Republican leadership are treating the public to the same monophagous swill we have come to expect.

It is clear to anyone with even a modicum of understanding that Obama cannot risk scrutiny of what actually took place in Benghazi and to answer my question about why he permitted Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods to be murdered.

The media have not done their due diligence in reporting on Benghazi. I know Fox News will claim that they reported on Benghazi more than any other network and/or channel, but there is reporting and then there is reporting. Making a phone call to a Defense Department source isn’t doing the investigation needed to uncover the truth. And neither is mouthing talking points from whichever side they welcome their talking heads.

If we do not engage in a forthright, in-their-face way, Obama’s criminal involvement will go unpunished, just as his criminal involvement in Fast and Furious did.

If I were Boehner, I would send Obama an official letter, and then call a press conference and share that the contents of the letter were that there would be no tax increases, that the debt ceiling would be frozen right where it is, and that there would be no talks until real and substantial austerity cuts were made.

I would leave no room for any misunderstanding of my position. I would tell all of the news outlets that they were free to tell any lie they wanted. I would also say that I was not going to fund Obamacare and that I planned to spend the rest of my career exposing Obama’s involvement in Fast and Furious and why he allowed four courageous Americans to be murdered in Benghazi.

And I would make it clear that anyone who didn’t like it could attempt to vote me out at the end of my term. But on my watch as leader, there would be no negotiations with terrorists or two-bit narcissistic Chicago pettifogger-thugs.

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