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On our own, but not alone

Inasmuch as the blatantly criminal character of the Obama administration is being ignored by the Republican leadership, and the historic principles of the GOP have been incrementally abandoned by the party in general (although they talk a good game), it gives rise to the question of how we could have gotten here in the first place. Did America really gravitate from a representative republic with a free market-based economy to the brink of communism in a mere few decades without the knowledge of effectively half of our political leaders?

Well, of course not. And this brings us to the fact that all of this is far bigger than what we understand as “the political left.”

A concept that many conservatives and libertarians have been entertaining for some years was encapsulated in a segment of TheBlaze TV last week. This featured one of Glenn Beck’s blackboard demonstrations so ubiquitous when he was on Fox News. This provided a visual illustration of what Beck calls the “false choice” presented to us by the “ruling class” also codified in the works of Angelo M. Codevilla. In the form of a horizontal line, he demonstrated that although the Democrat and Republican Parties may be (I stress “may”) closer to the left and right with respect to each other, they are both far to the left in terms of where America was at its inception, and in terms of most Americans’ values.

It is both ironic and extremely uncanny that at the same time Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were formulating their political philosophy of oligarchical collectivism, the satanic seed of statism was also being planted in the minds of elites in the United States, the successful products of America’s exceptionalism who had begun to think of themselves as every bit the social pioneers as America’s Founding Fathers. While few of them would likely approve of the extreme immorality that has come into being with the fusion of their early 20th-century progressivism and communism, these were both doomed to arrive at the same place: Rule rather than governance.

Thus, rank-and-file liberals, so convinced of the superiority of their doctrine, do not realize that it is as backward as horse-drawn carriages are to Ferraris in terms of its relationship to the founders’ vision. Millions have now been conned into discarding the benefits of the grandest and most successful experiment in human history by the worst and most craven among us.

And this includes the leadership of the Republican Party, pretty much all Democrat politicians, most congressional Republicans, and I would wager around 95 percent of those in our state governments, because many of these people aspire to higher office.

So when we speak of the GOP leadership too easily capitulating to Democrats in “fiscal cliff” negotiations, or failing to decisively pursue investigations into the Fast and Furious debacle, or Benghazigate, or vote-flipping machines, we are operating under a false premise – this being that GOP leaders possess a motivation to do so. For the last century, very few in our national leadership have held the founders’ vision for our nation. They are either established elites whose narcissism dictates they have the right to rule, or radicals cut from the cloth of our president who simply want what they could not legitimately earn.

So, what about the real conservatives with the resources to affect change? Well, some of them have determined that the process has gone too far to arrest it. They’ll hunker down and hope for the best. Others are re-evaluating their methods.

The fact that many big-money conservative donors didn’t come out in force during the last election cycle did not escape notice. While the establishment press used this in an attempt to demoralize the campaign of GOP candidate Mitt Romney, it was more than a lack of support for Romney amongst conservatives.

More than $100 million of potential donor money did not go into the conservative effort as a result of these donors’ sense that the process was going to be rigged for an Obama victory, no matter what the electorate did. People with that much money and clout are often in a position to know things to which average voters aren’t privy. So these prescient folks held back their donations, not wishing to throw good money after bad in a cause predetermined to be lost to the thug in the White House and his minions.

So – as so many patriots are now asking – what do we do? Most of us aren’t in a position to hunker down and hope for the best, or fly off to New Zealand, Belize or a private island. As I’ve said before, we should be preparing for the worst now, whatever that means to each of us. In the meantime, we must concentrate on grassroots activism and politics from the ground up. Right now, you probably have a city councilman who aspires to being the next Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.

Just food for thought.