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I saw your articles about voter fraud in the 2012 presidential election. I am outraged.

I have emailed every congressional representative and have received no responses. The media have again ignored us in order to support their liberal agenda. I am outraged that nothing seems to be investigated.

We seem to have adopted an “Oh well, maybe next time” attitude. That is not acceptable for the USA.

We are now divided more than ever. If you study the election results by county, it is evident that small sectors in the USA are controlling the rest of us. Large concentrations of “blue” areas in the swing states are also in large areas with know illegal-immigration problems. Those areas also reproduce and make millions of new “blue” voters for our future. They are not entering the “melting pot” and adopting American values. They are changing our values to a Marxist society.

I think that we need to vote with our money now. We can boycott states that are doing nothing about vote fraud. They are already taking enough of our money. The possibility of losing money may be the only thing that gets their attention.

Tara Fischer