Dear Ray Comfort,

I just watched your trailer for the Beatles video and was stunned at the callousness of the people interviewed. I remember the Beatles very well, having grown up in the late ’50s as the music industry was changing. I met all four Beatles by chance at an airport with my parents when I was very young. They had just finished a concert and were on their way somewhere. The encounter lasted for just a few minutes but I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was saddened when John was murdered in 1980 but not surprised. I remember reading his last interview with Playboy magazine when he referred to God as a person or thing and felt very uneasy about his choice of words. I felt something was terribly wrong deep down inside and that John was living on borrowed time. Needless to say, something was terribly wrong, and he was shot and killed.

Poor John, so much to live for and yet so empty inside. I can only hope he repented and accepted Christ as his savior before the end.

Jim Martin

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