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Quiz: Many Christians 'not very Christian'

An online quiz designed to score how well Christians live the teachings of Jesus has found that more than one in four believers admit they’re not very Christian.

The poll, made up of ten questions, was conducted by the Texas-based non-profit group Changing the Face of Christianity Inc.

“The results are disturbing, as one in four self-proclaimed Christians admit they rarely live the teachings of Jesus Christ,” said R. Brad White, the group’s founder.

“Our mission is to reverse negative Christian stereotypes by helping Christians become more like Jesus Christ. And so, our goal is to work with local churches and to help transform these un-Christians into spiritually mature Christians who walk the walk, and better represent our faith to the world.”

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Data was collected over 22 months, with 8,475 responses to the Christianity Quiz.

Results showed that 3.6 percent were “Far from Christ” and 24.8 percent were “Worldly Christians.”

On the more positive side, 38.1 percent ranked as “Good Christians,” and 33.5 percent were in the best group of “Spiritually Mature Christians.”

“A little over one-third of Christians consistently live their faith,” said White. “These are spiritually mature Christians, having experienced Christian transformation, that represent Jesus Christ well through their words and actions. These Christians engage with the world in a positive and loving way and truly bring glory to God.”

The poll itself addresses not only personal habits such as time spent reading the Bible, it features several situational questions, including one which asks:

“When someone recklessly cuts you off in traffic, do you:

Once the quiz is graded, those who rank as spiritually mature receive a message saying, “We NEED YOU on our team … SERIOUSLY. Your answers suggest you are a spiritually mature Christian; having a strong, loving relationship with Christ and others and are a role model to others in your Christian walk. We would be blessed to have your help mentoring others who aren’t as spiritually mature as you.”

Those wishing to take the Christianity Quiz can do so here.