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Reports of shattering cookware on rise

Controversy heating up over whether pans or users are to blame

(New York Times) Debbie Parker of Pontiac, Mich., says she still can’t shake the memory of Christmas morning brunch two years ago when the festive egg casserole she baked in a glass Pyrex pan “exploded” without warning on her holiday table.

“There was this loud crash. We looked to see the dish shattered with shards of glass all around,” recalled Parker, 70, who said she found pieces three feet away under the Christmas tree.

No one was hurt, but Parker said she shudders even now at the thought of her young grandchildren, then ages 1 and 5, who were seated at the table for the family’s traditional meal.

“It was right at their eye level or face level,” she said. “We could have spent Christmas Day at the hospital.”

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