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Return of father of modern prophecy movement

In an era when unparalleled problems afflict our world, a conference set for January in Dallas aims to calms fears and provide much-needed answers.

Dubbed “Future Congress 2,” a gathering of experts in various fields promises to excite participants and speakers alike. A very special bonus will be the appearance of Hal Lindsey, considered to be the father of the modern Bible prophecy movement.

Conference organizer David Hitt couldn’t be more excited:

“The people who come to Future Congress are called ‘participants,’ not ‘attendees.’ They are not merely attending Future Congress. They are participating in it and helping to shape its direction and conclusions. Instead of simply accepting everything they are told as being true, they are encouraged to evaluate it; test it to see if it is true.”

Hitt explains that FC2 is a bit different platform for a wide-range of speakers:

“Some people have asked us why we call it ‘Future Congress.’ Here’s why. Future Congress is a coming together of people (a “Congress”) for the purpose of discerning where we as a world and a church are headed (the “Future”).”

Indeed, with 48 speakers, four radio shows, and 143 total sessions, participants will genuinely feel part of the venue. The total number of sessions scheduled for (at the Dallas Hyatt, January 4-6) is more than double that of FC1, held in Branson, Mo.

Hal Lindsey explains how on Sept. 11, 2001, a 4,000-year-old struggle driven by hatred exploded on the shores of the U.S., in “Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad.”

Among the speakers slated for FC2: White House correspondent Bill Koenig, Alan Frankin from the UK’s Free Press, Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News, Jerusalem-based journalist Lela Gilbert, Creation Truth Foundation’s G. Thomas Sharp, Bill Salus of Prophecy Depot, paranormal expert Jeff Patty, “Dr. Future” Mike Bennett, and Jim Fletcher from Prophecy Matters.

“I can’t wait for FC2,” says Fletcher, who will be coming off a fact-finding tour of Israel. “Honestly, David [Hitt] has put together a truly amazing lineup. The thing I’m most excited about is the fact that we all will be able to hear from folks who are experts in the areas of finance, the Bible, the culture wars – all with a biblical worldview.”

Terry James, a leading “futurist” in the best sense of the word, is equally excited to be part of FC2:

“Future Congress 2 is designed to dissect, analyze, and offer courses of action for the trends, the probabilities, the possibilities of what the days, weeks and months just ahead and beyond hold for all passengers aboard Spaceship Earth. Equipping participants with the best available information and strategies for making the most of things to come is our highest priority with this gathering.”

Hitt anticipates a huge audience – hint: it would be a good idea to register soon – and with the new venue, recognizes that participants will experience something quite unlike past conferences:

“Future Congress is different from other conferences in several important ways. One is that it takes place in multiple rooms. The multiple rooms allow us to provide a huge number of speakers, including speakers who would not normally speak at a conference.

“The multiple rooms allow us to provide a huge variety of topics. Participants get to choose the topics that are most interesting to them. They are not forced to sit through topics of marginal or no interest, nor are they forced to endure topics that are too unconventional or strange for their tastes. Future Congress 2 will feature topics in seven different fields (see the color-coded conference schedule for details).”

Besides the myriad topics and chances for interaction with speakers, a special screening of the new film, “Follow Me,” will take place at FC2. The film presents the incredible story of Jonathan Netanyahu, older brother of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his leadership of the daring hostage rescue at Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976.

“I would like to personally invite you to FC2,” says Fletcher. “With the seismic changes occurring in our country, world, and the church, we all need to learn from each other. I believe this will be the best opportunity yet to do that.”

Details are available at www.futurecongress.com.

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