NEWTOWN, Conn.  –  The healing process from the worst school massacre in recent history got underway in earnest Monday evening.

Earlier, Newtown officials announced that they would abandon, at least temporarily, the scarred Sandy Hook Elementary School for a new location at Chalk Hill School, a former middle school in nearby Monroe, Conn., seven miles away.

As the sun began to set, several moving vans converged on the abandoned school. Movers began loading the furnishings and records that will be needed at the new campus.

“It will be what we need to get on with our lives, books, records, stuff like that,” explained a teacher who wished to remain anonymous.

Van after van pulled up to the school where 26 women and children were killed Friday. They arrived in the cold, rainy weather to remove all the items needed for the transition.

Not only were the items that gave the school its identity removed, but so were many of the candlelight tributes. Visitors and mourners preferred to pay their respects several blocks south from the school at the Newtown shopping district Christmas tree.

Slowly but surely, the atmosphere at the Sandy Hook Elementary School is taking on an eerie calm.

The challenge in the Newtown community will be rebuilding the school children’s lives in that new location. Some even see the move as a de facto rebirth.

At Chalk Hill, a sign greeted the school’s new students: “Welcome Sandy Hook Elementary!”

Meanwhile,  the first of many funerals took place Monday afternoon, with the massacre’s youngest victim, Noah Posner, laid to rest in nearby Fairfield.

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