“Religious extremists” are withholding birth control from American women!

Or are they?

A fundraising email from American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony D. Romero tried today to put the fear of “religious extremists” in organization supporters, warning that those people have been denying contraceptive coverage to women.

When WND asked the ACLU to provide further details to substantiate its claims, the ACLU sent a polite note to WND refusing to explain the fundraising email reference to those “religious extremists” who have been denying contraceptive coverage to women, and also those who have been instituting “outrageous voter suppression tactics.”

A war against God? See what the ACLU has championed since its founding in 1920.

WND had asked for an explanation, as the issue of contraception coverage remains undecided by the U.S. Supreme Court, where it will likely end up.

But in an early indication of that group’s attitude, Sonya Sotomayor, one of Barack Obama’s appointees, decided just this week that a company owned by religious people and operated on their Christian principles must, in fact, pay for those coverages or face crushing penalties.

Sotomayor ruled in a case elevated to the high court by Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., and Mardel Inc, and five members of the ownership family that Obamacare’s requirements that they pay for contraceptives such as the abortifacient morning-after pill take precedence over religious beliefs.

Among the court documents in the 40-some cases already brought against Obamacare’s “abortion mandate,” the president’s team repeatedly has claimed the companies must pay for the services, arguing that they have no religious expression rights where a corporation exists.

Hobby Lobby – long known for abiding by its owners’ Christian principles to the point that stores are closed on Sundays so workers may attend church and spend time with their families – argued that “to provide insurance coverage for certain drugs … [that] … can cause abortions” would violate the owners’ religious rights.

Nonsense, wrote Sotomayor, who handles emergency appeals from the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. She said the applicants didn’t meet the standard required for such relief.

Sotomayor added that they must pay up or face penalties while they continue arguing in lower courts for their religious rights.

Several other district judges have ordered that abortion mandate not be enforced against individual companies until the dispute is resolved, but the government is appealing those decisions.

So who are the “religious extremists” denying coverage?

“Thanks for the inquiry, but we have to pass,” the ACLU told WND.

Romero also noted that his organization fought “for people targeted by outrageous voter suppression tactics,” but the ACLU provided no details to support that claim.

In fact, WND’s comprehensive report on vote fraud noted that Democrats “took liberties with the law Republicans would never dare attempt and obstructed voter-integrity efforts at every turn, while the vast political-media-entertainment-education-union-nonprofit complex went all in to promote Obama’s narrative.”

It explored those reports of Obama getting 100 percent of the vote in some precincts, the use of absentee ballots, and documented reports of 24 million invalid or inaccurate voter registrations, 1.8 million dead voters and 2.75 million registered to vote in more than one state.

The report said, “Countless cases of confirmed vote fraud were reported in this cycle and the Obama team repeatedly rode the razor’s edge of legality in pushing voters to the polls.”

It cited Democrat Patrick Moran, son of longtime U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, who was caught on video by James O’Keefe’s Veritas Project telling an undercover journalist how to commit vote fraud.

Other Veritas videos showed Obama campaign officials in Texas, New Jersey and New York providing multiple forms to journalists posing as voters so that they could vote in two or more states.

Fox News is reporting on a number of cases involving Democrats who may end up in jail because of vote fraud.

“So is vote fraud real? Yes. Did it occur in this election? Yes. Was it enough to steal the election? In reality, although no single instance or aspect of vote fraud was likely enough to tip the election for Obama, the aggregate of their corrupt activities – including illegal campaign donations, taking advantage of states without voter ID requirements, military ballots delivered too late, as well as the laundry list of elements identified in this report, may well have been,” the WND report said.

“Even had there been no vote fraud at all, the Obama administration stole this election: By virtue of the media monopoly Obama and his team enjoy, they have been able to lie, deceive and suppress damaging information throughout Obama’s entire first term. They have taken countless billions in taxpayer dollars to enrich their friends and union allies under the pretext of ‘stimulating’ the economy and conducted a campaign of unprecedented viciousness against the Republican candidate while protesting vociferously in those few instances when Obama received richly deserved criticism.”

Romero also wrote that he fought for “same-sex couples trying to reverse the inequality and injustice that has persisted for far too long.”

But he didn’t mention the hundreds of other “philias,” such as pedophilia and necrophilia, which Congress noted during its debate over America’s “hate crimes” law or explain why advocacy would be on behalf only of same-sex couples and no one else.

He told constituents, instead, he’s confident of the fights “we can take on … and win” in 2013.

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