The anti-gunners are out in force, and they just won’t shut up!

They’re fed by two horrific killings this month: the massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and the ambush of volunteer firefighters in Webster, N.Y., in which two were killed and two wounded as well as one policeman.

In the school shooting, the perpetrator, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, first shot and killed his mother and ended it all with suicide.

The perpetrator of the ambush on firefighters, 62-year-old William Spengler, is suspected of killing his sister – human remains were found in the house he destroyed by arson – and he ended it all with suicide.

The bodies of the Connecticut school victims were barely cold when the experts grabbed the microphones and headlines calling for gun control, stronger gun laws and the elimination of those big, black, ugly looking weapons.

Media focused especially on the school shooting because of the young victims, and guns were blamed rather than the shooter.

We’re now told two handguns and a .223 caliber Bushmaster were found at the scene. A shotgun was found in his car, according to police.

There were also reports of witnesses having seen at least one man running from the scene into the woods, but that story line also disappeared from media.

As Pilate said, “What is truth?”

Talk about media selectivity: the horror of the firefighter ambush took second fiddle to the fact that one of the weapons used by Spengler was the same model as the one Lanza had.

As though that had any influence on either situation, but it fit the anti-gun bias against big, ugly, killer guns.

But the anti-gunners are wrong. They ignore the very people who should be the target of their accusations, the people who are, in fact, guilty.

In the school killings, what about the counselors and physicians who prescribe anti-depressants and other mind altering drugs to unstable people leading them to violence?

In the firefighter ambush, what about the court system that allows a man – who beat his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer and served 17 years in prison for manslaughter – to be released under supervised parole?

That didn’t stop Spengler from burning his own house down, likely killing his sister, who lived with him. He planned to burn a row of homes and armed himself with enough lethal weaponry to ambush the firemen and had plans for others.

It wasn’t legal for him to have guns – but he got them anyway.

Who defended this animal?

Which judge sentenced him?

Who paroled him and decided the conditions?

Who is his supervising parole officer?

Why aren’t they responsible for the ambush?

They put him on the streets so he was able to get weapons and kill again, even though he left a note saying he enjoyed killing.

As for the responsibility of doctors who prescribe antidepressants, that needs consideration.

There’s a clear link between SSRIs – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors – and violence, homicides and suicides. The list of horrific crimes by people taking such drugs is daunting. Millions of prescriptions are written annually, a high proportion for youngsters to “calm them down” in classrooms. You know the names: Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft, Paxil; they alter brain chemistry, sometimes with fatal results.

Was Adam Lanza using them? Who was his medical adviser? Did he monitor any drug use?

Lanza was described as having a personality disorder, was autistic, was distant, moody, troubled, different, repressed, a loner, a Goth, very remote and was heavily into video games. It’s reported a relative told ABC News that Lanza was “obviously not well” – whatever that meant.

With all that, and given that he was raised in an upscale neighborhood, it’s more than likely he had some therapy, and that almost automatically means prescriptions.

Today, that’s the thing to do. Pills cure everything – until they don’t, and there’s no way to ensure a person on such mind-altering drugs actually stays on their meds.

We’ll know more if and when the autopsy is released. If Lanza was medicated, why isn’t the prescribing doctor also responsible for the Sandy Hook shootings?

Unfortunately, it’s easier to scream at guns than to scream at pills, doctors, lawyers, judges and the court system.

Primed by the Colorado theater shooting, the Connecticut school killings provided the best argument for those lying in wait to disarm Americans.

Colorado was terrible because people were killed – some children, but mostly adults.

Connecticut was different. It was the slaughter of children – little children whose last moments on this earth were filled with terror and pain. There’s no way to understand or excuse it. It was a crime that rips the hearts of even the most jaded.

Who is to blame?

Those who pulled the triggers? Sure, but the anti-gunners want more.

Blame Lanza’s mother because she had several guns in her home. Since logic isn’t part of the anti-gun story, just being around guns leads people to kill.

She taught her kids to shoot, practicing at a gun range. That means she “trained her son to be a killer.” And, so the thinking goes, everyone who knows how to shoot is a potential killer.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, well known in San Francisco for having admitted in 1995 that she had obtained a concealed carry permit, is a long-time anti-gunner. She wants her anti-assault rifle law reinstated, the list of prohibited weapons expanded and large capacity magazines outlawed.

She wants gun owners identified, registered, to undergo background checks, be photographed and fingerprinted – making it expensive, difficult and intrusive to own a gun.

Democrats plan an all-out assault against gun ownership when Congress reconvenes.

They believe if they could rid us of guns, we’d have a utopia; everyone would be safe.

Then again, define “safe.”

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