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'Storage Wars' star claims show rigged

(HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) “Storage Wars” star David Hester has filed a big new lawsuit against A&E Television Networks, contending that he was wrongfully terminated and that the highly-rated series is rigged.

In a complaint filed on Tuesday in LA Superior Court against A&E and producer Original Productions, Hester alleges “A&E has committed a fraud on the public and its television audience in violation of the Communications Act of 1934, which makes it illegal for broadcasters to rig a contest of intellectual skill with the intent to deceive the viewing public.”

Hester says that during the series featuring the auctioneering of contents based on a few minutes of inspection by buyers, A&E has planted items of memorabilia. Among the objects cited by Hester are a pile of old newspapers announcing the death of Elvis Presley in one episode and a BWM mini car in another.