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Surprise! You've been duped

Well, they’re they go again. The same liberals who have struggled so hard to “prove” with “science” that women are smarter than men and that liberals are smarter than conservatives are now running around touting a new piece of pseudoscience. Taking aim at every liberal’s favorite whipping boy, Fox News, this latest “study” from something claiming to be the “Intelligence Institute” claims that Fox News viewers have lower IQs than, you know, good little liberals. These are people who get their news spoon-fed to them by such credible journalists as Jon Stewart and the news teams of ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC.

Liberals despise Fox News because the network broke their monopoly on televised news. Even as they whine that conservatives somehow control the media because liberals have never been successful at talk radio (prompting libs to devise unconstitutional schemes like the “Fairness Doctrine” to silence conservative radio talkers), their near-total domination of the news cycle has never been more obvious. During the recent presidential election, “journalists” for the major networks (excluding Fox News) were brazen in their advocacy of Obama over Romney. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien went so far as to get caught reading from a liberal blog’s talking points during an interview.

This shameless cheerleading for Democrats and their causes isn’t new, nor is it news to any conservative or libertarian. We have lived with the knowledge that our media is full of leftist propaganda for as long as most of us have been alive. Does anyone remember the “Journolist” scandal? Had a cabal of Republican or conservative-leaning reporters colluded to bias their news coverage in defense of a Republican candidate, the story would have made the daily and nightly reporting on NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN for weeks, if not months. Yet the story quickly disappeared (if it was covered at all) from the major networks’ coverage, despite the fact that it confirmed every conservative’s worst fears about the media.

Then, too, there is the routine and blatant falsification of news by the networks, a tradition with a long history – especially at NBC, whose MSNBC is easily the most biased of the Obama supporting news outlets. It was NBC that rigged a General Motors truck to explode in an effort to claim the vehicles were unsafe. Is it any surprise that George Zimmerman is suing NBC Universal for purposely editing the recording of his 9-1-1 call to make him sound racist?

Obama himself famously tried to marginalize Fox News because its reporting was not squarely in his pocket. Taking a break from attacking private citizens by name because they dared to criticize him, our brittle taxman in chief claimed in a fawning Rolling Stone interview that Fox News was “destroying America” because he disagrees with the network’s prevailing sentiment.

The staff at Fox News has challenged these hypocritical assertions of “conservative bias” before. In the case of the Rolling Stone interview, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly quickly hit back, rightly pointing out that Obama unfairly demonizes anybody who dares to disagree with him. In the same interview, Obama hinted ominously at “darker elements” within the tea-party movement. Leftists delight in painting their opponents as vaguely “dangerous” – even as their fellow liberals assault, intimidate and otherwise silence with force those whose opinions they despise.

It’s as if lib “journalists” feel they needn’t hide their leanings anymore, particularly given Obama’s re-election (amidst multiple reports of heavy vote fraud). The lemmings have scurried to the trough to vote in four more years of high unemployment, crushing taxes, the projection of American weakness abroad and the alienation of our foreign allies. If a president this bad – reigning this arrogantly, in an economy this bad – can be re-elected easily, why, there’s no need to hide anymore.

When Hank Williams Jr. was fired from Monday Night football for daring to criticize Obama on an entirely different show, he was fired – and promptly wrote another rip-roaring anti-Obama anthem. But not too much later, Bob Costas smugly and inappropriately offered his ignorant political opinion while he was supposed to be doing his football job. He hijacked the broadcast to pummel the audience with his hatred of the Second Amendment and his belief that Americans should not be permitted to own guns. Yet Costas’ job is in no danger, and there is no talk of letting him go – because Costas is a lib and, therefore, quite safe.

This brings us back to the “study” supposedly proving that Fox News viewers are drooling morons. The claim meshes nicely with the liberal narrative that anyone who is not a liberal must, by definition, be stupid. After all, if you have failed to be persuaded by liberals’ brilliance, you are either “bitter” and clinging to your “guns and religion,” or you are stupid. Everyone liberals have ever disliked has been stupid. Ask them; they’ll tell you. Reagan was a moron. George H.W. Bush was a moron. Bush’s son was a moron. Dan Quayle was a moron, and a hilarious one. Yet the menagerie of gaffe-machines, freaks and embarrassments that are the Democrats, from creepy Joe Biden to bug-eyed Nancy Pelosi to such notable weirdos as the lisping Barney Frank and the rasping Charlie Rangel, are never pilloried for their many public mistakes. They are not made laughing stocks in the media because, to every network but Fox News, only Republicans, only conservatives, only those who desire greater liberty, are worthy of ceaseless criticism and humiliation.

Oh, by the way – did you catch the fact that the Fox News IQ study is a hoax?

That’s right. It’s not real. It never was. Yet the damage has been done. The liberal narrative has been furthered. Liberals across the Web are dumbly citing the “study,” firmly convinced that “science” has yet again confirmed their ignorant biases. This is the reality of every “study” that elevates liberals at the expense and insult of conservatives. They are always false, and liberals never care.