James Simpson’s investigative article “Did Obama steal the 2012 election?” is superior journalism, a dispassionate factual analysis of the 2012 presidential election. My takeaway is that the Democratic Party is unofficially committed to massive election fraud and vote rigging that include absentee-ballot fraud, ballot stuffing, electronic rigging of vote machines, ineligible-voter fraud and the obstruction of efforts by states to guarantee honest elections through genuine ID requirements.

The Democrats’ dedication to stolen elections within the context of the grossly biased mainstream media and the lawless Obama administration makes the prospect of fair elections going forward laughable at best. Simpson especially condemned the role of the MSM in its strategy to re-elect Obama by viciously discrediting Romney while shielding the Obama administration “from its many scandals” that “could have sunk Obama’s re-election prospect.”

In brief, America has been hijacked by a political/media “mafia” that has given us another four years of the Obama dictator gig and will give us radical globalist Hillary Clinton as a presidential shoe-in 2016. The reality is that Americans who embrace constitutionally guaranteed liberties and want free and fair elections can expect nothing but further deterioration along those lines in this decade.

Secession, anyone? In the final analysis, do we really have any other practical choice if we wish to be free and preserve opportunities for ourselves and children?

Al Johnson

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