By F. Swemson

In Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, an alleged moderate from the “Freedom and Justice” Party, promising the people an end to corruption in government, freedom and prosperity, along with a new constitution that protects civil rights, conned the people into electing him president. Then, after only a few months in office, he decided that he’d prefer to be Egypt’s new pharaoh, rather than its president. And what happened when he announced sweeping new powers for himself? The Egyptian people took to the streets and started protesting. The riots and demonstrations have been widely covered by the world’s media, and ever since, the world sees photos of tens if not hundreds of thousands of angry Egyptians protesting in Tahrir Square every day.

Meanwhile, here in America, an illegitimate and unpopular president, has just won re-election through massive and documented election fraud, and nobody seems willing to do a damned thing about it. It makes me wonder, why aren’t thousands of patriotic Americans demonstrating in front of the White House?

Why aren’t more Americans as angry as I am about the fact that our country has been taken over by a bunch of Marxist thugs and liars? And how come there isn’t even one Republican leader who has the stones to stand up and fight against this illegitimate regime?

Not only is Obama not a “natural born citizen” as required by our Constitution, he may not even be an American citizen at all. When he was born he had dual citizenship because his father was a British citizen (Kenya then being a British colony) and his mother an American. Even if Obama was born in Hawaii, he probably lost his U.S. citizenship after his mother married Lolo Soetoro and moved with “Barry” to Indonesia. Having tricked everyone with his brilliantly conceived and executed birth-certificate scam, he seems to have gotten away with what has to be the most audacious case of identity theft of all times. The fact that to this day he uses a Social Security Number with an identifier of Connecticut, a state in which he never lived, is conclusive proof of this.

And now, after devastating our economy for the last four years and shredding the Constitution at every opportunity he’s had, even with a weak and uncharismatic candidate running against him, Obama has had to rely on massive election fraud to win re-election. In addition to the obvious suppression of the military vote and the Democrats’ strenuous efforts to block the adoption of any voter photo-ID laws, the evidence of massive election fraud in over a dozen states is overwhelming.

Changing the election results in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania alone, the three states with the most pervasive evidence of vote fraud, are sufficient to change the outcome of the election. By moving Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, into Romney’s column, Obama would have been sent packing as he deserves.

Indeed, as the chart above shows, if the states with the most obvious examples of vote fraud had been tallied honestly, Romney would have won a pretty decisive victory.

If Romney, the RNC and our currently serving Republican politicians won’t protest and challenge this fraud, then we the people may not have much of a chance to do anything about it on our own – but how can we just sit on our butts and not even try to fight back? We have to do something, and who knows? Maybe if we make enough of a nuisance of ourselves, we’ll embarrass the GOP powers that be into taking action.

I would like to see, at very minimum, 100 people marching and chanting in front of the White House 24/7 in protest against the fraudulent re-election of the impostor currently occupying the Oval Office. We should keep it up, non-stop, until Obama leaves the White House.

As drastic as this sounds, when you do the math, this may not be all that hard to accomplish. The tea-party rallies in Washington over the last few years have shown us that there are more than enough angry patriotic Americans around to make this happen, especially with our ever-increasing unemployment statistics. All we really need to do to get this started is to set up a website asking for volunteers to form a local committee capable of providing relatively basic support in the form of some signs, hot coffee and hot chocolate in the winter, and cold lemonade and iced tea in the summer. The costs would be minimal and could easily be supported by donations. Volunteers coming to D.C. to participate will be encouraged to bring sandwiches, muffins, fruit, or other simple munchies to sustain themselves, along with appropriate signs etc.. Each volunteer could print out a small quantity of leaflets to hand out that can be downloaded from the website. Photos of the most clever signs the demonstrators bring could be posted on the website as well.

The major media will try to ignore us and accuse us of being racists, but the bottom line is that we have a legal right to air our grievances on public streets in peaceful and orderly demonstrations. For those who question the legality of this idea, the ACLU has an online guide to our rights to parade, picket and pass out leaflets in Washington, D.C. According to their information, as long as we stay on the sidewalk and don’t block any traffic, we don’t even need a permit: See the ACLU guide here:

If we can do this and keep it going until Obama is gone, even if we accomplish nothing else, we’ll show the world that there are at least some Americans who are mad as hell and refuse to take it anymore.

F. Swemson, an admirer of Ayn Rand, was a U.S. Marine Corps combat photographer in the 1960s and is now a boating technology writer.

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