The first instinct of all who learned of the latest copycat school massacre was to pray for the victims and their grieving families and friends, to pray for the soul of their murderer, and above all to pray with heartfelt thanks for the bravery of the gallant teachers whose instinct was to throw themselves into the line of fire in the hope of protecting their innocent charges from harm.

While your nation brings forth people of that caliber, of that moral fiber, of that instinctual, immediate courage, even in this dark hour there is real hope for the future of America. If Congress is still capable of doing its duty, it will investigate the courage of these teachers, and it will recognize them – posthumously, alas – with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

As always when such senseless cruelty happens, the soul-searching begins. In the United Kingdom, where we had our own school massacre in Dunblane some years ago, Parliament reacted with a catastrophic knee-jerk and banned the private ownership and use of pistols.

The result was a fine demonstration of Monckton’s Law of Opposite Consequences. Crimes using handguns increased by 40 percent following the ban and probably as a direct consequence of it. For if one drives the possession and use of weapons underground by banning it altogether, one creates a new shadow-realm of crime similar to that created by Prohibition.

Nevertheless, the pietistic ninnies of the news media on this side of the pond are wringing their hands and gnashing their National-Health dentures as they wail about how wickedly irresponsible it is that no one had repealed the Second Amendment. Something Must Be Done, say the op-ed writers – but then, that is what the lesser sort of pundits always say.

My own modest proposal is not to repeal the Second Amendment but to do as it says. Your Founding Fathers were wise. Here is their text:

“A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

In Switzerland, every male citizen of working age must serve a week a year in the national Militia and keep a rifle at home in case anyone is foolish enough to invade. Nobody has tried since Julius Caesar, in his interminable pursuit of the vexatious Vercingetorix, found that Helvetia was not willing to allow even the all-conquering Romans to march through its territory.

Switzerland does not have massacres, not because its population is any saner than that of the United States but because, unlike the United States, it does what its Constitution says and it trains its national Militia. Result: Nobody messes with the Swiss. Not even Caesar.

There are already 300,000,000 guns in the United States – more than one for every adult. Taking them all away is what our witless chattering classes and your witless “liberals” and “Democrats” demand.

I have a better idea. Let the national Militia be extended beyond the current National Guard, so that every male and female of working age who wants to keep and bear arms is required to join, and must accept and pay for training in the responsible use, proper maintenance and safe keeping of firearms.

No Militia membership, no training, no right to bear arms. No ifs, no buts, no exceptions. If you do not hold an up-to-date Militia certificate that you been trained and have the minimum competence and responsibility, and you are found in possession of a weapon, you will be punished and never permitted to own, keep, carry, or use a weapon again.

How would the National Rifle Association, the world’s most effective and, therefore, most hated lobbying group, react to this idea? They ought to see this proposal as a colossal opportunity. To train all who hold personal weapons will be a huge task, for which those who want to keep their weapons will have to pay. Militia trainers are going to make a fortune. The NRA ought to like that.

Here are the statistics on why we should do this. Every 40 minutes on average, night and day, someone is shot dead in the United States. In addition, every 25 minutes, night and day, someone shoots himself dead. So, every 15 minutes, a gun kills a U.S. citizen.

In the 44 years since Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were shot dead in 1968, more than a million Americans have been killed by other Americans with guns.

For perspective, in the 39 years since the toothless fossils of the Supreme Court, in a strikingly disfiguring exercise of judicial activism, bypassed Congress and the Declaration of Independence and declared baby-butchering lawful, more than 50 million little Americans have been tortured, dismembered limb by limb and sucked out of their mother’s womb in bits, and without even being given an anesthetic first.

Why do soi-disant “liberals” campaign to continue the torture and slaughter of 50 million little children and counting, while also campaigning to repeal the Second Amendment in the vain hope that this would prevent the slaughter of little children like those who were killed at school this week?

There can be no liberty, no pursuit of happiness, for those who are denied the right to life.

So let us ban baby-butchering and train everyone who wants to keep a gun to use it properly and responsibly. That way, in the next half-century, we shall save the lives of 1 million Americans who would otherwise have been pointlessly shot and 50 million babies whom “health professionals” would otherwise have tortured and butchered.

Then, perhaps, the little ones who died this week will not have died in vain. May they be merry in heaven, and may their families be comforted, and may God have mercy on the soul of their murderer.

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