I think Dec. 7 should be “National Awareness Day.” Our soldiers were ambushed in Pearl Harbor on this date in 1941. Of course, there is plenty of evidence that some folks high up told our troops to stand down because they wanted us to be ambushed to draw us into the war for many reasons all centered around 1 Timothy 6:10, but that’s another story. The fact is, we were taken by surprise and more than 2,000 men lost their lives! When the war ended, more than 400,000 Americans had been killed and nearly 50 million worldwide!

I try to use this day every year to remind myself to be aware. It’s a great day to take inventory of your life. Psalms 35 is a great psalm for folks like me who have been falsely accused and persecuted. You may want to read that a time or two if you are feeling down. In Psalms 35:8, David prays for his enemies to be caught unaware when his destruction comes. Hmmm? That would be a bad thing to happen!

In Luke 21, Jesus gives a long answer to the disciple’s question about when He is coming back and what sign they should look for. After telling them to expect persecution and to be dragged into court (v. 12) and telling them to be patient (v. 19) and watch for the sun and moon to go dark (v. 25) before He comes (v. 27-28), He tells them, “And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting (that is overindulging in things like food and things the body wants), and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day (the day of the rapture) come upon you unawares.”

Hmmm? Don’t be caught unaware, like what happened to our troops on this date 71 years ago. This is a good day to check your awareness level. Are you ready for what Jesus said would come? Are you getting ready?

Luke 2:52 is a verse that has had a profound influence on me for nearly 44 years. Jesus was 12 and coming back from Jerusalem with Joseph and his mother (not his father and mother like many new versions say). In verse 52, it says Jesus “increased in wisdom (that’s the mental area of your life) and stature (the physical area), and in favor with God (the spiritual area and man (the social area.)” Why not get alone with God and check each of those four areas to see if you are improving or sliding back? Today is a good day to just “be aware.”

I’d say it is a good day to be aware of your witness for the Lord, too. When is the last time you witnessed to somebody? Gave out a gospel tract? Brought somebody to church? Read your Bible? Helped somebody in need? Led somebody to Christ? If you are too busy to do those things, you are too busy! Quit something, and get back on track!

If you need a little help or encouragement in those areas, I know the three-book series I wrote for my grandchildren will help. Ask Lora for “The Adventures of the Hovind Grandchildren.” Proceeds go to help her and her husband and children get to the mission field.

I’ll see ya at the finish line (Revelation 20)!

Kent Hovind

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