For those intent on destroying the Christian spirit of Christmas in this country, they couldn’t do better than having re-elected Barack Obama as president and a passel of like-minded political hypocrites to the various level of governance – starting with Congress and extending right down to the smallest municipality.

Obama made the perfunctory references to the holiday as he spoke to the press on Dec. 21 – even going as far as wishing every American a Merry Christmas and suggesting the singing of carols and imbibing in eggnog.

How nice.

Then he and his expensive entourage took off for Hawaii, and the next thing we read is that the man who is president has landed in the tropics and is already playing golf.

Those who have nothing better to do, count the number of rounds of golf he’s played since becoming president. As of last month, we’re told it’s 104. When he’s not golfing, he’s shooting hoops or maybe getting together with Michelle to plan a special date, or a weekend away or another vacation.

You have to give him credit – he is able to compartmentalize. He leaves Washington in the throes of dealing with the fiscal cliff facing the country, millions of people unemployed, the economy in the dumper, expenses for food, gas and housing increasing, the dollar in danger, the specter of increased taxes, rising medical costs, the world political situation more fragile than ever and the Middle East on the verge of explosion and voila – for the Obama family, it’s vacation time!

Everything stops for Barack and Michelle.

Talk about “let them eat cake!” Marie Antoinette has nothing on them.

You really would hope he’d set a good example for his country and at least imply he understands the hurt facing average people.

You’d hope he’d at least fake it. But no.

Obama is focused on Obama, and the media and the bulk of the people who re-elected him do the same.

Any criticism of him and the missus for their over-the-top vacations and weekends away and special date nights is met with – “He deserves it.”

The attitude seems to be that since he’s the first black man elected to the presidency, anything goes.

Seems to smack of racism to me.

Oh, OK. Yet somehow, learning that the entire British royal family costs England $57.8 million year for everything, raises a question in my mind about why we tolerate Obama’s current Hawaii jaunt estimated to cost $4 million.

They’ve taken more than 16 vacations since taking office!

Don’t know about you but I’m lucky if I take one vacation a year, and I haven’t been able to get to my favorite Hawaii in 10 years! But then, I can’t charge the taxpayers for the cost.

Remember Michelle’s African safari – six days – 21 family and staff, not counting security, crews and others to a minimum cost of more than $500,000 and that doesn’t include ground expenses and the costs for security and housing.

Remember Malia’s Mexico spring break – at a time when the State Department warned the rest of Americans against going there because of dangers?

This unelected child, along with 12 classmates and 25 Secret Service agents along with who knows who else, had a storied trip that cost nearly $116,000.

What does this kid have to look forward to when she’s out on her own, off the public trough? I pity the guy she marries.

While all this is going on, the media are reveling in what they see as the downfall of John Boehner. The Republicans are in disarray, and nothing about the fiscal problems has been solved. Obama is hanging tough, and it appears that the GOP is, too. What that means for the average Joe is anyone’s guess at this point.

What seems to be the inevitable end to all of this is that every one of the Joes will get it in the end. Politicians rant on about the millionaires and billionaires, about the people who make a million a year, and Obama expects us to believe that $200,000 per year before taxes makes you rich.

We all know they’re full of it.

I live in a state where federal, state and local taxes total more than 53 percent, and that’s before all those other taxes hit us. Welcome to California, but New York and other states aren’t much different.

To hear the politicians play their games with our future, with the future of our children and with the dreams that we’ve worked so hard to achieve makes me want to scream.

This is not the country I grew up in.

This is not the country my parents and grandparents worked hard to build

This is not the country millions of our military members gave their lives and efforts to keep free.

These self-centered, agenda-driven egotists are doing their best to change this country into their vision of freedom. It’s not freedom. It’s servitude to the government from birth to death, and Barack Obama is the leader of the pack.

So he’s taking a holiday in Hawaii. I doubt he’s celebrating the same Christmas I, and millions of my fellow Americans, are commemorating.

If he were, he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing to the country.

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