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Willfully blind to reality of jihad

Academics produce “studies” that are advancing the ridiculous fiction that “anti-Muslim fringe groups dominated the mass media via displays of fear and anger” after 9/11 that “stoked public fears that Muslims are secretly plotting to overthrow the U.S. government.” “Anti-Muslim fringe groups” are responsible for that idea? Osama, Anwar Awlaki, Sheikh Qaradawi, et al have made no secret of it. And yet it is somehow the fault of champions of freedom. This is what passes for research and analysis at a major American university today. It’s a sign of how intellectually corrupt and morally bankrupt our universities have become.

The same moral blindness is rampant at the highest levels of our government. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last Saturday: “So, look, I’m not making excuses for the missed opportunities of the Israelis, or the lack of generosity, the lack of empathy that I think goes hand-in-hand with the suspicion. So, yes, there is more that the Israelis need to do to really demonstrate that they do understand the pain of an oppressed people in their minds, and they want to figure out, within the bounds of security and a Jewish democratic state, what can be accomplished.”

Hillary is demanding that Jews empathize with their annihilationists. Hillary wants Jews to “be generous” with those who are obsessed with their extermination and the elimination of the tiny Jewish state. The crime of the Jewish people is their love of life and their desire to live free, and not under constant terror and war. Why doesn’t Hillary counsel the oppressors, the worst violators of human rights in the world, to cultivate empathy? Why doesn’t she urge the savages who target innocent civilians to empathy? Why doesn’t this ghost of a woman urge empathy upon the savages who drag the bodies of friends of the Israelis through the streets of Gaza? Why doesn’t she counsel empathy to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader who recently promised a new and “savage round” of the jihad against Israel?

She doesn’t because she knows the jihadis are incapable of empathy. It doesn’t exist in their brutal ideology. There is no Golden Rule under Islam. Clinton’s remarks were a violation of the most basic human right: the right to live. And they were of a piece with the now nearly universal tendency to blame the victim of jihad, and to do everything possible to excuse the jihadis.

Australian Islamic supremacist leader Musa Cerantonio recently showed how dangerous all this denial is in a surprisingly honest lecture that was posted by the indispensable MEMRI. In it, Cerantonio was forthright: “Reestablishing the Islamic state,” he said, “is eventually going to be a military matter, and it is a matter that concerns a large part of the Islamic nation.” This stately neatly encapsulates Islamic jihad doctrine, and is the kind of thing that the new “study” is blaming on “anti-Muslim fringe groups,” and that Hillary Clinton is demanding that the Israelis empathize with.

Cerantonio also said: “Why is it that they are attacking our lands? It is because they want to stop the people from ruling by the Book of Allah.” Think about that statement in light of all the enemedia claims that only “Islamophobes” think Muslims want to impose Islamic law upon non-Muslim countries. “You find that Al-Shabab in Somalia,” Cerantonio went on, “may Allah grant them victory, stood up and said: No more tribalism. No more socialism. We want Islam.” He said the same thing about the Taliban: “Why are the Americans so determined to defeat them, when they have nothing? They have nothing. It is to stop them from ruling by the Book of Allah.”

He also spoke about “the advent of Imam Mahdi and the return of the Caliphate,” which he said would be “a time of great warfare and tribulation.” Here again, in America only “Islamophobes” are supposed to believe that any Muslims want to restore the caliphate, the unified Islamic government transcending national boundaries. And while the U.N. was strong-arming Israel and Hillary Clinton was demanding “empathy” for the “Palestinians” on the part of the Israelis, Cerantonio said the only solution was jihad warfare: “The answer to Palestine is not by holding hands with the Infidels. It’s not by pleading to the U.N. to accept Palestine as a nation. The answer is, as the Prophet said, to fight the infidels until the religion belongs to Allah. The primary goal or strength that we are going to have is in physical warfare.” To “fight the infidels until the religion belongs to Islam” is a quote from the Quran (8:39).

This is the goal of millions of Muslims – they make no secret of it. But our dear leaders deny, deny, deny. To our great peril.