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WorldNetWeekly changing its name Jan. 1

WASHINGTON – In January 2012, WorldNetDaily changed its name of nearly 15 years to WND.

In January of 2013, WorldNetWeekly is following suit. The gorgeously repackaged week-in-review electronic magazine will become WND Weekly.

It’s a great opportunity to rediscover the increasingly popular way to read all of WND’s best content – at your leisure, on your schedule and on your favorite device. Or it’s your chance to discover it for the first time at great savings.

Like WorldNetWeekly, WND Weekly takes the time to provide stunning illustrations and design elements not possible during the frantic pace of daily journalism, packaged with care by WND’s creative teams. It also helps provide big-picture perspective on weeks when you haven’t been able to keep up with all the breaking news.

WND Weekly looks great on your iPad or other mobile device. It’s completely portable and archivable right on your computer for reference later.

As a digital compliment to WND.com, WND Weekly ensures you’ll never again miss any of the powerful content of the world’s leading independent online news source. And it also revives a reading experience that often gets lost in the hyperkinetic pace of our day.

WND Weekly is an online news magazine like none other. It takes the best of WND – top stories, commentaries, cartoons, puzzles, Diversions, along with stunning photography, splashy graphics, video, plus some striking ads – and stretches it over about hundreds of pages beautifully designed pages. Then when you awaken Sunday morning, you’ll find it delivered to your e-mail inbox.

“You can take your time with WND Weekly,” says Publisher Elizabeth Farah. “That’s what it is intended to allow. It’s yours – for keeps. It won’t vanish into the ether and need to be reassembled with keyword searches scanning tens of thousands of articles from the past.”

To demonstrate just how compelling the new WND Weekly is, we’re offering you your first issue free. There’s no financial commitment on your part. We’re that sure you’ll love it.

Normally a reading experience this unique would cost a pretty penny. And yes, WorldNetWeekly does retail for $6.99 an issue. But you can pay $9.99 for month-to-month service. Or we have an introductory deal available exclusively to charter members – including the earliest subscribers to WorldNetWeekly. We’re offering an annual subscription – 52 issues – for only $49.95 – more than 85 percent off the cover price!

Even better, you can lock in great savings by subscribing for two years for only $79.95, and keep even more money in your pocket.

It is nothing less than a total news package delivered to you every week – as impressive as everything you’ve come to expect in WND, but carefully packaged and beautifully illustrated for maximum impact and comprehension.

The world isn’t slowing down. Nor is our effort to bring you the most relevant, daring and insightful reporting around. But when Sunday morning arrives and you open your inbox to find WND Weekly, you can enjoy it all – at the pace that’s right for you.

If you have any doubts, sample the first issue for free. Then decide if you can live without it.

More than 15 years ago WND set out across what was then the vast, open, largely untrodden territory of the Internet. In fairly short order we amassed a loyal following of readers like you – who value courageous reporting and intelligent, fact-supported commentary – and we presented it all in a compelling, succinct and straightforward package.

It’s in that same spirit that we developed what is now becoming WND Weekly. It’s the freshest innovation in New Media from the people who revolutionized how you get your daily news. And it’s sure to forever change how you consume your weekly news.

Get started with a 1-year subscription.