Regarding the article about the university and their “PC police” [“PC police ban ‘illegal’ language”] – censoring in any form is a socialistic move. I don’t agree with it, and I’d like to point out that there’s nothing put forth to use in place of “whitey,” “cracker,” “honky” or any other form of “put down” to members of the white race.

“Going along with anything the government tells you to” is a socialist move. Restricting people is censorship, in any form, especially speech. I’m a native-born American, and people that come here, paying thousands to smugglers instead of using the same money to come here legally, are in fact illegal aliens, no matter which country they come from!

Before the “big raid” at the local chicken plant, illegals were hired, with whole families working and at the same time. Mama was popping out kids right and left and getting welfare too. Several live in a house, drive nice cars, wear the latest clothes, send money back to their native land and family, while the Americans whose jobs they’ve taken are struggling to make ends meet.

So telling anyone to be considerate of an illegal is wrong! Demo-commies want them here and cater to them for their selfish votes.


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