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2013: Cheapest gasoline in 4 years?

(OILPRICE) — Prices at the U.S. pump are on the rise again for the first time since October, but the good news is—according to analysts — this year should see overall lower gas prices than 2012 thanks to strong oil supplies against weakening U.S. demand.

What they mean, essentially, is that 2013 won’t see the same drastic swings in prices that had frustrated U.S. drivers throughout 2012. The lows with be higher and the highs will be lower.

But this positive news is likely to fall on deaf ears. Consumers are generally concerned with the immediate rather than the overall—and the immediate future is a bit bleaker.

Gas prices fell from October through December, but January has seen them rise again, with the price of a gallon of regular gas at an average of about $3.32, or 6 cents higher than it was three weeks ago. This, after prices dropped about 58 cents a gallon between October and December.