The startlingly successful book on Christian apologetics, “The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith,” soared on Amazon when it was released a few months ago, and still is maintaining high numbers.

But the author says he’s been getting feedback that is more important.

Carl Gallups told WND, “I continue to receive testimonials and anecdotes from people around the nation telling of how God has used the book to change their lives. Many people are leaving similar comments under the ratings section at Amazon as well.”

Gallups, who is a pastor, said one particular situation impacted him deeply.

“Recently a church member of the church I pastor told me that he was on a business trip in south Florida and met a woman who told him she had recently been saved after reading ‘The Magic Man In The Sky.’ I was blown away – but he went on to tell me that the woman said she gave it to a local pastor who immediately gave it to a skeptic couple he was counseling for marriage.

“The pastor told her that within days, the couple reported they had given their lives to the Lord as well. They were baptized shortly thereafter. It’s these kinds of accounts that humble me to the core. I know the Lord has blessed this book.”

Its release last summer was followed immediately by its No. 1 ranking among best-sellers in Science and Religion on Amazon. Within weeks it had reached the top 400 of the many millions of books available on

It continues to pile up five-star ratings on the site.

Look in the WND Superstore for your copy of “The Magic Man in the Sky.”

“Considering it is a niche book, a Christian apologetics book, I was absolutely amazed. Number 400 out of millions is an amazing milestone!” Gallups said.

And it continues to hover in the top 50 best-sellers in the Science and Religion genre.

Wrote “Marine son, while giving a five-star rating, “Best book yet!”

And Marcus J. Dillon gave it the same rating, noting, “This book is an effective witness to the truth of Jesus Christ, with logic and reason this book awakens the truth that is already hard wired into us. Jesus loves us all, and He is God.”

Western Ink wrote, “Excellent book. It touches on numerous topics, frames arguments, and quotes Bible verses. I bought this book on my Kindle but am considering buying it for my library shelf in the home. I’m currently having my mom read it as well. An excellent book for the Christian who needs a little help defending their faith.”

Added William Duzet, “Carl lays out the case for creation and God’s plan very clearly. Excellent book! In these ‘last days’ this book will lay a foundation for future witnessing. Five stars.”

“I am convinced the reason the book continues to do so well is that it is a timeless work. It is not dated. Twenty years from now the content of the book will still be relevant to life and life’s toughest questions,” he said.

The blockbuster book and its author have been featured on TBN, the Dove TV Network, Creation Today TV, Coast Up Close TV, Atlanta Live, Christ In Prophecy TV (Dallas, TX), The Janet Parshall Show (Moody Network), and coast-to-coast talk radio programs from Mancow In the Morning (Chicago) to Bill Martinez Live (Southern California).

The book was also reviewed in The Washington Times in an article, “If God Is Dead, America Is In Trouble,” by Times columnist Jeff Kuhner.

Kuhner called the book, “A must-read book … A muscular defense of the Christian faith … An arsenal of powerful rebuttals…”

Gallups said “The Magic Man In The Sky” has been endorsed by a physics teacher, a microbiologist with the EPA, other best-selling authors, a commander in a chaplain’s office with the United States Navy, a university president, and several university and seminary professors.

Look in the WND Superstore for your copy of “The Magic Man in the Sky.”

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