Thank you, Jack Cashill, for probing and questioning the narrative of the Sandy Hook massacre, a narrative that was packaged and delivered by an agenda-driven government-media complex. Major calamities triggering an immediate government attack on our liberties should be viewed with healthy suspicion because the history of tyranny is replete with examples of contrived disasters and massacres that advance political and/or military ends.

May I suggest you view at Youtube the CNN video clip of the press statement by Robbie Parker, father of Emilie, one of the Sandy Hook victims. He delivered the statement on Dec. 15, one day after the massacre.

The clip shows Mr. Parker visibly relaxed and smiling before he is asked to approach media microphones for a statement. At the microphone, though, Parker consciously pauses to hyperventilate while his demeanor dramatically transforms to the face of grief. He then haltingly fumbles for words. This is yet another piece of evidence from the Sandy Hook saga that raises more questions than it answers.


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