(Orange County Register) — The progressive wing of the Democrat Party sits at the left end of their spectrum. JFK’s liberal positions would be regarded as moderate today. Progressives have a unique vision of what a blue state utopia would look like, beginning with clean air, clean water and green energy. Over the last 20 years, with the backing of the public employee unions that control the political process in California, the progressives have managed to neuter the Republican Party and turn California Blue, owning every elective office in the state. They did not need much help, according to Dan Walters, who stated, “Even the most anti-immigrant, anti-gay marriage, anti-tax, anti-abortion Republican activist must now recognize that with the party’s wipeout in last month’s elections, continuing down its recent path is a plunge into complete irrelevance.”

In 2012, the progressive Democrats captured a super majority in both houses so that with their progressive governor, they no longer require a single Republican vote to pass any form of legislation, leaving conservatives an “irrelevant” minority. As an independent businessman, I have created many jobs and opportunities. But despite my contributions to society, and the taxes I have paid over the last 30-plus years, the progressives believe I need to pay more so that I pay “my fair share.” Only when I pay my fair share can their blue vision of utopia be fulfilled.

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