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An outstanding 'gay'

[To Joseph Farah:] I recently read your comments on Carrie Underwood’s decision to support gay marriage.

Your comments surfaced again because Carrie Underwood again has come out in favor of marriage equality.

Clearly, your words, nor anyone else’s words like yours, worked.

It is absolutely stunning to me that you would attempt to frighten a girl who has come out for marriage equality and for love.

I am gay and I pay taxes, and I am an outstanding citizen. I want full marriage equality. And it is coming. And it will come. It will be the law of the land one day. We are seeing more and more states approve it. People are changing their minds. They’re seeing through the ridiculousness of denying their friends and loved ones marriage equality.

I do not care what your God or your bible says, which was written by man a long time ago. It has zero place in my life and in my government.

Jesus never said anything about homosexuality or gay marriage.

James Vignale II