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Are guns really the problem?

I just returned from a trip to Israel, where firearms are plentiful.

Every citizen can get guns. They are encouraged to do so to make their country safer.

And it is safer as a result.

In fact, you might recall that before terrorists in Israel began resorting to suicide bombings, they first tried shooting up cafes and restaurants and other public places. What happened every time was that the attackers were shot down by average citizens – sometimes grandmas packing heat.

Today, Israel is surrounded by hostile enemies and infiltrated with many hatefully anti-Jewish individuals and groups. But the citizenry is far safer than those who live in Chicago or New York or Washington.

Switzerland is another good example of a land where guns are plenty. In fact, every Swiss is required to own firearms – not just handguns, by the way, but military rifles and even artillery pieces to ensure the country’s independence and neutrality.

When was the last time you heard about a mass shooting in Switzerland?

They don’t happen.

It’s impossible because every citizen is armed.

Let’s contrast this with some other societies:

The United Kingdom imposed strict gun control – and violent crime rose.

Australia imposed strict gun control – and violent crime rose.

How many examples do we need to see before we can make a rational decision that guns are the great equalizer of our time? Without them, citizens are at the mercy of both criminals, who don’t care about violating gun laws, and their governments, which maintain a monopoly on force.

Does any of this resonate with Barack Obama and the gun grabbers?

If it does, we are in a world of hurt.

It means they know exactly what they are doing. It means they actively seek to put us at their mercy. It means they don’t care either about the Constitution or the safety and security of Americans – only their own desires for more power without checks and balances and accountability to the people. It means they don’t want to see less bloodshed, they want to see more.

It’s getting tougher and tougher to believe gun grabbers can’t see the truth that is as plain as the noses on their own faces.

The evidence is in. It is not ambiguous. Guns not only save lives, they protect freedom.

So what are we to make of the Obama agenda?

Furthermore, note that Obama and his elite friends don’t want to give up their own armed protection. They understand armed force is a deterrent to crimes. That’s why it’s perfectly appropriate for Obama’s kids to have armed protection at school, while it is inappropriate for your children and my children to have armed protection at school or in their own homes.

Are guns really the problem?

Not at all.

Obama and the firearm-phobes are the problem – if you care about life and liberty.


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