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Blue helmet alert!

Why would Obama and his Marxist cronies want all gun owners to register their guns? Before Obama takes over as a dictator he needs to know where gun owners live so he can send his Marxist blue helmeted goons to their homes in full riot and military gear to confiscate their weapons and haul them off to the 800 or so internment camps being made ready at breakneck speed.

I think Obama knows that he is going to need the United Nations’ blue-helmet military to help him confiscate all the guns of those who own them before he begins his tyrannical reign. By having all gun owners register them, it will make it much easier for the “blue helmets” to know what homes to come busting into armed to the hilt with bulletproof vest and assault weapons to confiscate the guns and kill those who offer resistance.

If you think this can’t happen in America, you don’t understand who you have just voted back in office for a second term. Wake up, apathetic Americans, and smell the coffee. They are preparing to confiscate your guns, not for the purpose of protecting your children but for the purpose of turning you into slaves of the new world order.