(WEBPRONEWS) — Holly seemed to be an average housecat; her owners, Jacob and Bonnie Richter, say she had an easy temperament and took to traveling well when they decided to include her on family R.V. excursions. But one day, something spooked her, and she took off through an open door 200 miles from home. The Richters posted fliers and organized a search for their pet, but she was nowhere to be found. Heartbroken, they returned home without her.

Two months and many miles later, Holly came back to them.

She’d been living with Barb Mazzola and her family in West Palm Beach for a short time after making the trek from Daytona, where she’d disappeared at the R.V. rally the Richters had brought her to. Mazzola said she found Holly barely able to stand, weakened, and with wounded paws. She cared for her enough to get her back on her feet, then took her to a local vet to be treated.

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