At the Red Cross blood drive last weekend, two guys were discussing my books and asked me: “What is going to happen to America?”

According to Ravi Batra, Ph.D. in Economics, all societies fall victim to the cycle of: democracy, socialism, chaos, tyranny, and then back to democracy. This diagram is from my book “Save America Now:”

The values of a society determine where it is in the cycle. So what are the values of the USA?

  • Government (federal and local) spending for the last 50 years has increased two times faster than the increase to the economy; 24 percent of the GDP is federal spending, which is up from 18 percent (a 33 percent increase). The combined total of federal/local spending is approaching 50 percent.

  • More than 50 percent of adult Americans pay no income taxes, and 47 percent of adult Americans receive some type of payments from the government.
  • The number of government workers has grown to more than the number of combined construction/manufacturing workers. Government work is more prestigious and lucrative.
  • There are three times more lawyers than there are soldiers. The U.S. graduates four times more lawyers per capita than other countries … lawyers who demonize/rationalize/justify.
  • Americans demonize others to justify their own actions. Americans rationalize why their particular actions are not sins. Perception of what is good and bad is more important than truth. Americans rationalize their actions as if everyone is a lawyer.
  • More than half of adults commit adultery. One-fourth of adults under 35 contracted an STD. Adultery, lying, coveting, cheating on tests, lying on applications, using performance-enhancing drugs (steroids, Viagra, estrogen, etc.), government-supplied birth control and cheating on taxes have become excusable, rationalized behavior.
  • Jesus explained that Moses allowed divorce because Moses saw that the people had hardened hearts. More than half of all marriages end in divorce in America even though both parties took a vow for “better or worse, until death do us part.” Americans developed hardened hearts that allow them to break their promises to each other.
  • Appearance, sexiness and being “cool” are valued more than character or content.
  • Gay marriages are treated the same as traditional marriage even though the commandment reads: “Honor your father and mother.”
  • The number of births to unwed mothers has increased almost four times in 40 years to where 70 percent of children born in the inner cities are fatherless, of which the majority are supported by government.
  • Education about the impacts of God and religion on the nation has been replaced by education about sex and alternate lifestyles. Remarks by historic leaders and our history books have been altered to remove religion from our society.
  • The U.S. ranks first in cost per child for education and last in performance in science, engineering and math, with only one-fourth of the engineering graduates per capita as in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), Germany and Eastern Europe.
  • 55 million abortions have been performed in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade, including infanticide and late-term abortions. Even though the unborn child has a different DNA and different blood than the mother, courts rule that it is a mother’s right to choose because women can vote and unborn children cannot.
  • The birthrate of the majority population has dropped in the last 40 years to less than half of what is needed to maintain the population and the culture. Growth to the U.S. population has come from immigration and its offspring. Without immigration, the population would have actually decreased. “Things” and “lifestyle” are more important to Americans than bringing life into the world.
  • Hollywood makes lots of money glamorizing violence and then demonizes gun owners.
  • America is a Babylonian economy of lots more debt than it produces in wealth. The beneficiaries of this are the moneychangers, the banks and Wall Street just like during the time of Jesus. Those who suffer are those who worked hard and saved.
  • America selected Obama as president and rejected the moral candidate because Obama promised “redistribution of wealth” and more goodies to those who pay no taxes by increasing the taxes on the producers in society.
  • The government is trying to cut Social Security benefits and health care to the elderly rather than repay its IOUs to the Social Security trust fund. And it is trying to confiscate the retirement accounts of those who saved so it can pay its bills.

So where is the USA now? Increasing socialism. When a people change or interpret the words in the Torah, the Bible and the Constitution to fit their desires, then that society is bending the intent of those documents to fit its own values. That creates socialism, secularism and decline.

And where is the USA headed? Batra said that the cycle could be stopped. It could be slowed down, but that it could not be reversed. Much like the Jews at the time of Jesus, the Romans of A.D. 500, the Germans of 1932 and Russians in the 1990s, Americans are making choices that accelerate the speed of the cycle. Just like those others, America could soon be in chaos.

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