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Chaos: Coming soon

At the Red Cross blood drive last weekend, two guys were discussing my books and asked me: “What is going to happen to America?”

According to Ravi Batra, Ph.D. in Economics, all societies fall victim to the cycle of: democracy, socialism, chaos, tyranny, and then back to democracy. This diagram is from my book “Save America Now:”

The values of a society determine where it is in the cycle. So what are the values of the USA?

So where is the USA now? Increasing socialism. When a people change or interpret the words in the Torah, the Bible and the Constitution to fit their desires, then that society is bending the intent of those documents to fit its own values. That creates socialism, secularism and decline.

And where is the USA headed? Batra said that the cycle could be stopped. It could be slowed down, but that it could not be reversed. Much like the Jews at the time of Jesus, the Romans of A.D. 500, the Germans of 1932 and Russians in the 1990s, Americans are making choices that accelerate the speed of the cycle. Just like those others, America could soon be in chaos.