(MRC.ORG) — Talking to Heritage Foundation president and former Republican Senator Jim DeMint on Sunday’s NBC Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory eagerly cited recent criticism of the GOP: “Colin Powell on this program a couple of weeks ago talking about a deep vein of intolerance within the Republican Party. How do you respond to that as you take a look at where the party needs to go?”

DeMint refused to give credence to the accusation, instead focusing on the issues of debt reduction and economic growth. However, Gregory refused to the let the topic go: “Senator, do you regret, you know, some of the comments about abortion in this last cycle, about rape, about again, what Colin Powell thought were veiled racist comments from the party?” At no point did Gregory provide a single example of GOP “intolerance” to back up the smear.

Since DeMint did not go along with his assertions, Gregory turned to NAACP President Ben Jealous for comment. Jealous predictably bashed Republicans.

Here is video of the “Meet the Press” roundtable segment featuring Jim DeMint:

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