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Does Obama really expect America to sit quietly?

Re: “White House responds to secession petitions”

The Obama administration’s response to petitioners for state secession is typical liberal jive, i.e., self-serving legalistic mumbo-jumbo that twists history, projects hypocrisy, ignores culpability and denies reality.

In rejecting states’ right to secede, the administration refers to the “right to change our national government through the power of the ballot.”

That may sound OK in theory, except that the system is broken and Obama administration was re-elected under a dark cloud of documented election irregularities that include outright voter fraud, uncounted military ballots and electronic vote-machine software rigging. Not to mention Obama legitimized, by fiat, millions of illegal aliens just before the election while his Department of Justice did everything possible to stymie and block voter ID laws and procedures.

Who could have faith in free and fair elections when you have an Obama administration filled with people who are the most lawless and unconstitutional in the history of the republic and follow an incremental road map to tyranny and dictatorship?

Countless millions of Americans are angry and fed up with Washington, D.C., for its insularity, arrogance and overspending, especially, with money we don’t have. The absence of term limits for federally entrenched career politicians who have lost touch with reality also adds much fuel to those justified calls for state secession as a remedy. Do Obama and his handlers and minions really expect the people of the states to sit quietly by while the megalomaniacs of Washington, D.C., wreck and bankrupt our lives, forge the chains and apply the manacles?

Bottom line: The federal government is broken, dysfunctional, hopelessly corrupt and hell-bent on tyranny. The federal system cannot be expected to repair itself. The states must therefore intervene to protect the liberty and economic freedom of its sovereign citizens.

Carl B.