Hello, Joseph:

It is a sad fact today that most Americans (including those is places of knowledge) are being “tricked” into thinking it’s the politicians who are screwing everything up. Granted, they have their place to be held accountable, but while we’re all watching them, it’s their masters who are truly controlling things.

Truth be told, Joseph, politicians are merely the mouthpieces for those pulling all the strings. Why do we never see anyone (including yourself) shed any light on who these people are? They quietly sit in the background and start wars, choose presidents, as well as order assassinations against anyone who stands in their way. Politicians come and go, but policies rarely change. Any logically thinking person freely admits that both parties are owner by these extremely powerful men and families.

But, they are just men, and they are not nor ever will be more powerful than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Joseph, it is we (as believers) that have the power, and it’s high time we started using that and exposing these dark beings for really what they are. We cannot walk in fear of them any longer, for our literal survival depends on it.

While 99 percent of Americans are watching the left hand, these elitists are doing whatever they feel like with their right hands. In essence, if they can keep the masses fighting amongst themselves (Republicans against Democrats) they can continue to silently perpetrate their evil poison on the world.

Don’t you think it’s time people of influence (such as yourself) start talking about the REAL problems facing this country? Until they are exposed or stopped, we will continue to be fooled into believing it’s the “others” that are wreaking havoc on the world.


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