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Fed-up Americans to flood D.C. with outrage

This month, hundreds of thousands of Americans will march on Washington, D.C., in defense of the nearly 56 million babies killed in the womb since the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion 40 years ago – and now even the millions who can’t travel the nation’s capital will flood the offices of President Obama, key government officials and mainstream news media with as many as 2 million empty red envelopes bearing a very clear message:

“This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty, a life taken that was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility and life begin at conception.”

Jan. 22, 2013, is the 40th memorial of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. Now that day has been designated Red Envelope Day as Americans plan to send a visual expression of moral outrage deep into the halls of Congress, beyond the marble columns of the Supreme Court and into the Oval Office.

Red Envelope Day 2013 gives participants the choice to send red envelopes to:

President Obama
Vice President Joseph Biden
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
House Speaker John Boehner
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
All nine Supreme Court justices
CNN President Jim Walton
New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson
Washington Post Editor Philip Bennett
Fox News’ Sean Hannity
Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly

Help the Red Envelope campaign deliver at least 2 million red envelopes to President Obama, members of Congress, the Supreme Court and some of the biggest names in the mainstream media.

A portion of the proceeds of every red envelope goes directly to organizations committed to the pro-life cause. As WND reported, in 2009 millions of empty red envelopes were delivered directly to the White House. That year, the White House mail office confirmed it received a “deluge” of as many as 2.3 million red envelopes symbolizing the empty promise of lives snuffed out in abortion in a massive campaign that was larger than most White House mailing movements in the previous 35 years.

“I’ve been here 35 years, so I’ve seen presidents come and go,” the White House mail worker told WND. “This campaign ranks up there with the big ones.”

The Red Envelope Day campaign seeks to meet or exceed the number of empty red envelopes that were sent in 2009. And from that, 100 percent of the net proceeds will be disbursed to pro-life organizations. According to organizers, if 2 million Red Envelope Day envelopes are delivered Jan. 22, it would result in approximately $1 million donated to pro-life organizations.

Richard Lepoutre, Red Envelope Day 2013 project leader, told WND he is encouraging Americans to give the gift of life.

“Supporting the Red Envelope Day 2013 campaign is a gift that will say so much to our loved ones,” he said. “Sending those envelopes through the system says to all: We will not abandon the preborn, and we will make our conviction known far and wide.”

Because of the funding for pro-life groups, Lepoutre said the 2013 campaign could now have twice the impact it had in 2009.

“We will remind America and our country’s political leadership once again that we are still very much a pro-life nation.”

Troy Newman, president of the pro-life group Operation Rescue, called the Red Envelope Day campaign an “exciting project.”

“Although Obama was re-elected, the pro-life movement is undeterred and will never compromise on the issue of life,” Newman said. “Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers will endure the harsh winter conditions to march from the White House to the Supreme Court on Jan. 22, as they have for the past 40 years.

“Not only does this exhibit the fortitude and resilience of the movement but it demonstrates our firm resolve to never give up. As the throngs of pro-life advocates swarm the streets of D.C., a million postcards will be delivered to our political leaders demanding justice for every pre-born child.”

Newman noted that the Obama administration is working to expand abortion and force businesses to comply with “anti-religious abortion payments.”

“The Red Envelope Day campaign is sending a message to the lawmakers that they picked a fight with the wrong people,” he said. “The faith community will not comply.

Newman urged Americans to “take a stand in the most important social justice issue of our day.”

“Although Obama has stepped up his efforts to force abortion on America, we’re pushing back harder than ever,” he said. “I believe the red cards are that first step in the next chapter of the abortion battle, and this is the chapter where we secure the right to life for every baby. We will not go away. We are firm in our resolve, and we will win.”

Likewise, Andrea Trudden, spokeswoman for Heartbeat International, said, “We must do everything we can to encourage life within our nation, and that starts at the top.

“To maximize our impact in Washington, Remembering Roe and the Red Envelope Day campaign joined forces. Through our combined efforts, we plan to send red envelopes to the White House to illustrate to the president that we are a nation that values life.”

Lepoutre told WND that after the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling this year – and considering the likelihood that Obama will nominate pro-abortion justices in the future – it seemed obvious to include the Supreme Court justices in the 2013 campaign.

He also criticized the mainstream media for refusing to cover the 2009 campaign, during which an astounding 2.3 million red envelopes were sent to the White House.

“It was the largest mail protest since the Vietnam War,” Lepoutre said. “That is a significant news story. But with the exception of WND and a few others in conservative media, they did their best to quash it.

“So, we’ve targeted certain media outlets that are hostile to the pro-life movement and also targeted more open and influential news personalities who we hope can help us get the Red Envelope Day message out to America: We will not abandon the preborn, and we will not simply ‘stand down.'”

Help the Red Envelope campaign deliver at least 2 million red envelopes to President Obama, members of Congress, the Supreme Court and some of the biggest names in the mainstream media.