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Gun grab: It's about freedom's end

Yogi Berra once famously said, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it.”

America is at a critical turning point.

We’ve hit the fork in the road.

Obviously we take it. But which way do we go – to the right or the left?

Left leads to the end of liberty. The right path buys us time to restore the principle of constitutionally limited government.

If the U.S. government renders its citizens as subjects by disarming them, it will be the end of the dream of liberty that drove our founders to arms to fight for self-government and independence.

In fact, that was what precipitated the War of Independence. When British occupying forces set out to seize New Englanders’ arms depots at Lexington and Concord, the colonists drew a line in the sand. They understood that without firearms, they would lose any leverage they might have with their masters. They understood that without firearms, they would be hapless subjects of tyrannical government forever.

A new generation of Americans find themselves in just that predicament again, as Barack Obama puts on a full-court press to ban entire classifications of firearms leading inevitably to a government monopoly on force.

He’s appealing to emotion, and, for many Americans, dumbed down by government education and cultural institutions that place no value on freedom and personal responsibility, it’s working.

Yes, children were slaughtered at Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. But not one of those children would have been saved by Obama’s gun grab.

To many Americans, that doesn’t matter. They just feel that something must be done.

What they don’t understand is that they are helping to set up more carnage, more Sandy Hooks, more bloodshed and, ultimately, the end of government accountability to its citizenry.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a Ph.D. in history to know that every mass-murdering tyranny in the history of the world started like this. They began with a government monopoly on force. Once that is established, the citizenry is no longer served by government, government is served by its subjects.

This is really the story of the world throughout most of history. The big break from despotism came in the colonies of America where educated and enlightened men determined to remove the shackles from the people and place them on the government.

It was an experiment that served us well for more than 230 years.

But it’s about to break down.

The final breakdown comes when men forget their history, when they don’t remember the sacrifices of their forefathers, when they drift away from the standards of right and wrong established by God, when they put their faith in fallible and corrupt men.

I once believed this could never happen to America.

I once believed our heritage in liberty ran too deep.

I once believed Americans were too self-reliant to be hoodwinked like this.

I once believed Americans were too well-armed and too independent to allow such a travesty to occur.

I’m no longer sure about that.

And Barack Obama is betting on the fact that the worm has turned.

He’s betting that you and your neighbors will simply accept what government orders you to do – the Constitution be damned.

He’s betting that you will lay down your own arms and place your security in the hands of your masters.

He’s betting that you will not notice that he protects his own children with armed guards.

He’s betting that you will believe your children will actually be safer when their parents cannot protect them.

In other words, he’s betting that you have lost all ability to reason.

He’s betting that when you come to that fork in the road, you will blindly take it without recognizing the choice before you.


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