In a discussion about our Second Amendment rights, I have not heard much about different type of incidents that have occurred in Connecticut, Colorado or other areas. According to the 2009 FBI Crime Report, 33,808 fatalities were reported in car accidents, with 12,744 caused by drunk drivers. Connecticut had 223 fatal crashes, with 114 as the result of drunk drivers, and New York had 1,156 fatalities and 388 by drunk drivers. In addition, in 2009 we had 1,836 fatal stabbings and 815 fatalities due to personal weapons such as hands, feet and pushing.

I do not hear anybody trying to ban or confiscate cars, alcohol or knives. What is the difference in a drunk driver using a car to kill people or an evil person pulling a trigger or pushing someone in front of a train?

I believe we have a culture problem in this country. In my 63 years, I can see a change in the morality, integrity and love of our faith and country. One time, your word was your bond; now the elected officials lie on almost all subjects. I do not envision a good future for our children and grandchildren.

John Godsey

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