Although many have long believed it to be a fait accompli, it became official last Thursday: The Republican Party died.

Any notion that Republicans had finally learned their lesson and were ready to start acting like the party of less spending, less regulation and more individual freedom was quashed when they overwhelmingly re-elected Barack Obama’s bootlicking valet, John Boehner, as speaker of the House.

Which means that, aside from the obvious problems associated with Boehner’s being in charge of the store, he remains second in the line of presidential succession! Can you imagine a President Boehner in the White House, scurrying about each day in an effort to carry out the wishes of his Dirty Dem masters?

Republicans are the most predictable people on earth. Did anyone seriously doubt they would once again put John Boehner in a position to sell out conservatives? Did anyone seriously doubt they would once again give away the store in “resolving” the phony fiscal-cliff crisis? And does anyone seriously doubt they will once again raise the debt ceiling to give Obama plenty of latitude to continue to increase spending – and, in so doing, increase, rather than decrease, the deficit and the national debt?

The reality is that the debt ceiling will be raised again … and again … and again – with no meaningful cuts in government spending. Bad News Barry has already made that clear. And when Barry huffs and puffs, Republicans tremble and have a tendency to run for the nearest restroom.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter whether or not Republicans once again accommodate Obama in his quest to transform America into a banana republic, because it’s pretty clear that he will, if necessary, simply hand down an executive order to raise the debt ceiling. And why not? If GOP wimps are willing to let him get away with it, he’s home free.

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Obama’s message is both clear and bold: “You want more spending cuts? Great, just so we offset them with higher taxes.” Huh? The man is a master at turning things upside down. If you cut spending, why do you need to raise taxes? If most Americans weren’t sleepwalking, they would be asking, “Why don’t we lower taxes and offset the decreased revenue with more spending cuts?”

In just four years, Obama has succeeded in establishing a soft dictatorship right before our very eyes. But it would not have been possible without the cooperation of his Republican enablers. After all, these are the folks who forfeited two presidential elections by nominating McCain I and McCain II to run against Obama in 2008 and 2012. The same folks who have sent repeated messages to Barack Obama that they will not challenge his dictatorial overreach, no matter how unconstitutional it may be.

So, happy days are here again – hire more IRS agents, slam the printing presses into high gear, and continue to beg China for just one more fix. How long can all this last? Probably until the rioting begins, which will come, if at all, only after most people realize that even though they thought they were getting the best of the collectivist con, their money is worthless and their retirement prospects are nonexistent.

All this has been brought to us via the Ignore/Old-News Strategy, which is similar to the New-Baseline Strategy. In my column on the latter topic a couple of years ago, I pointed out that the New-Baseline Strategy is the key to progressivism: Get a bill passed (e.g., Obamacare), establish a new baseline, then, in the future, restrict all debate to what the percentage of increase should be each year for that particular bill. And if anyone dares to oppose any increase in spending, vilify him as cruel and calloused, which almost never fails to bring him to his apologetic knees.

And guess what? It works! It works because it is supported by humanoids noted for their small gonads, Styrofoam spines and a strong desire to live like royalty off taxpayer money.

Remember when Tricky Dick Nixon got caught with his political panties around his ankles? Oh, he put up a front for a while, but when the dastardly Democrats kept pressing forward with making Watergate a criminal issue, he thought the better of it, gave a Napoleonic salute to his nonexistent supporters from the steps of his presidential helicopter, then disappeared into the political sunset mumbling, “I’m not a crook.” Of course, all this was made easier by the fact that most Republicans actually joined forces with their Democratic masters in their campaign to destroy Nixon.

But when Obama violates the Constitution, he doesn’t need to worry about getting the Nixon treatment. Whenever trouble looms on the horizon, he simply employs the Ignore/Old-News Strategy, which works in tandem with the New-Baseline Strategy.

Got a problem with Benghazi-gate? Ignore it. Got a problem with Fast and Furious? Ignore it. Got a problem with your spiritual mentor being a notorious American hater? Ignore it. Got a problem with your birth certificate? Ignore it.

Then, as time passes, anyone who dares to bring up such toxic issues is shouted down and admonished for bringing up issues that are “old news.” And once something is old news, no matter how criminal it may be, it’s no longer relevant, right? The Dems have it down to a science: Got a scandal? No problem. Just ignore it, then, shortly thereafter, declare it to be “old news.”

And since the Dirty Dems are masters at establishing new baselines, each new illegal act taken by Obama becomes accepted as the status quo. You may argue that this is evil, but you can’t deny that the Dems are brilliant at their craft: theft and deception.

Now, shhh … not too loud. We wouldn’t want Republicans to discover that they are being laughed at. After all, they have to focus on how to once again raise the debt ceiling in a way that will fool low-information voters into believing they got big spending cuts in return.

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