Rush Limbaugh

Bestselling author and columnist Mark Steyn sat in for Rush on Martin Luther King Day, which happened to coincide with Obama’s second inauguration.

A caller informed Steyn that it was also “National Squirrel Appreciation Day,” prompting him to quip, “I did wonder why Joe Biden was wearing the dead pelt on his head.”

Steyn added, “I know some of you may have a distressingly partisan view of the festivities in Washington. You may not be on board with all the jubilation. So look at it this way: Today marks the midpoint of the Obama presidency. In other words, this is hump day. It’s all downhill from here!” (FREE audio)

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage was one of those decidedly unimpressed by the pomp and circumstance surrounding Obama’s swearing-in ceremony.

“Obama should have held a quiet little inauguration,” Savage told listeners, in light of the millions of Americans currently suffering poverty and unemployment. “He could have come out somberly and told the people, ‘Look, we can’t afford a fancy one, so Michelle and I are forgoing it. Now we’ll get on with the people’s business. Thank you for electing me.’ That would have been more appropriate.

“Isn’t it interesting,” Savage added, “how all of the communist left celebrates splendor when they’re in power?”

Michael Savage’s new novel, “A Time for War,” will be released on February 12. It features an exciting plot that couldn’t be more relevant to our times: A Chinook helicopter carrying a squad of Navy Seals suddenly plummets to earth in Afghanistan. The U.S. is under secret attack and only Jack Hatfield, a popular television host hounded from his position by left-wing forces in the media for speaking the truth, suspects the danger of this lethal conspiracy.

In the spirit of Savage’s debut thriller, “Abuse of Power,” this latest in his “Jack Hatfield” series promises to be another bestseller. If you pre-order ‘A Time for War’ from, you can get it at almost 45 percent off.

Sean Hannity

Hannity isn’t convinced that the Republican Party has what it takes to stand up to the Democrats when it comes to taking part in the debt limit debates.

“As the president lays out his leftist liberal agenda,” said Hannity, “the GOP is insisting that the Senate pass a budget in exchange for the debt ceiling.”

Guest Pat Buchanan added, “The Republicans have to stand their ground on taxes because they’re in a tough situation, and I think, in the long run, if Obama continues down the road of trillion dollar deficits and they don’t deal with entitlements, Obama will end up being Herbert Hoover if he doesn’t do anything about it” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Klein’s latest show revealed the Department of Homeland Security’s proposals to increase their powers, including even more intrusive TSA screenings. He looked at the two official calls for Obama’s impeachment – do they stand a chance?

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., joined Aaron for the first time, to talk about the future of Israel and whether or not the Republican Party really has a future. Plus Klein revealed Chuck Hagel’s proposal to turn the U.S. military into “peacekeepers” who will “combat global warming!” (FREE audio)

Mark Levin

Levin talked with a journalist about Obama’s possible plans for his second term: “He will look for opportunities to exploit as events unfold. I am sure they’ve drawn up a partial a list, and we already know that it includes, but is not limited to, gun control; attacks on the First Amendment such as religious liberty; amnesty for illegal aliens; union expansion; institutionalizing Obamacare; institutionalizing voter corruption; de-industrialization via the EPA; destroying the capitalist-based economy via tax increases, smothering regulations, massive deficit spending, and endless borrowing; and hollowing out our military.”

On the air the day the president delivered his inaugural address, Levin called the speech the same old “Marxist clap-trap” he used to hear from his “barely literate political science and law professors” in college (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck “celebrated” Obama’s inauguration by holding “the Misfit’s Ball” in Dallas on the same night.

Said one of the guests, “Frack Nation” filmmaker Phelim McAleer, “It’s more the proud rabble and local leaders of the heartland than the crème de la crème of Washington. It includes people who wouldn’t be invited even to a Republican president’s inauguration because they’re as skeptical of the Republican establishment as they are of Obama.”

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