(Fox News Radio) The Journal News finally acknowledged this week how badly outdated the information posted on their Rockland County gun map was.

Back in early January, Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato said the “historic” (as in old) permits listed on the map were as much as 25 percent outdated. This news was reported by the Rockland County Times and also became the subject of discussion between Rockland County Times Editor Dylan Skriloff and Greta Van Susteran on the Fox News program “On the Record.”

In an edition this week of the Journal News, the White Plains-based newspaper finally reported on the outdated Rockland database, making note that many people saw a dot on their house even though they did not own a gun. In reporting the matter, the newspaper did not express any regret or remorse over the fact that the map had many hundreds, or thousands of outdated addresses. (According to Piperato’s estimate the number would be over 2,500).

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